Unleash the power of data

IBM Watson®, available from Insight, transforms the way you engage customers and deliver digital experiences.

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Actionable analysis

How do you know you’re making the right business decisions? IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence (AI) gives you that assurance. Its predictive and cognitive analytics help you effortlessly meet customer needs.

Improve customer engagement and the digital experience with Watson Marketing, Watson Analytics®, Watson Commerce and Watson Supply Chain.

Make AI work for you.

Watson is powered by the latest machine learning innovations. The tool is tailored to various industries, including education, finance, healthcare, manufacturing and transportation.


Maximize your quality data. Watson can easily process any amount of information from a wide range of sources.


You keep your insights. Watson with IBM Cloud maintains your data ownership, conclusions and intellectual property.


Watson integrates where you need it. That means you can rework important business tasks for better outcomes.

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Marketing tools that drive engagement

Exceed customer expectations. Watson Marketing quickly provides details that help you form strong connections with clients. The solution delivers the data needed to smooth pain points, boost loyalty and raise revenue.

You can focus on the creative part of your job while Watson handles technical duties with features such as:

  • Marketing automation
  • Real-time personalization
  • Customer analytics
  • Content management

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Website personalization

When users visit your site, provide custom sessions. The IBM® Digital Experience Manager enables you to serve targeted content to visitors. And the cloud-based IBM Watson Content Hub simplifies how you deliver a memorable brand experience.

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Entice shoppers with options.

Customers want choices. Watson Commerce helps you seamlessly meet demands on any platform.

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Omnichannel markets

Cultivate flexibility. Watson Commerce lets users easily switch between mobile, online, direct and social touchpoints for smooth browsing and purchasing.

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Order management

Watson uses cognitive sourcing and logic to efficiently fulfill deliveries in real time. A dashboard lets you view all orders and inventory for simple management.

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Customer insights

Gather data from the entire buyer’s journey with ease. Watson reveals relevant customer behavior for enhanced engagement.

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Visible, frictionless supply chain

AI can transform the movement of goods. Watson Supply Chain creates a transparent, smart and predictive delivery system by analyzing massive amounts of structured and unstructured data.

Optimized awareness of your network helps you find and remedy issues before they occur. The perceptive capabilities in Watson Supply Chain can help you reduce costs and drive innovation.

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