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IBM® Cognos® Analytics, available from Insight, uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help you make informed business decisions.

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A smart approach to analytics

Cognos delivers a way to understand the big picture — as well as the details — of your business through AI. Generate professional reports, perform deep-dive analysis and accurately predict business outcomes.

Once you understand your data, Cognos allows you to monitor it, continue to explore it and share your discoveries along the way. Users have access to dashboards, data visualizations and analytics governance to uncover hidden insights.

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Self-service convenience

Quickly find data sources and files without compromising governance. A web user interface delivers the same experience no matter how you log in — on your laptop, iPad® or desktop.

You can perform searches, create data visualizations and upload files with ease. Every user has access to the same trusted data sources — and can add more complex features as needed. Sharing findings with teams, or your entire organization, is effortless.

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IBM Cognos Analytics

Modern search capabilities

Cognos Analytics integrates a powerful search engine that requires zero administration. It automatically updates with the latest features. Built-in data intelligence and natural language search capability guide users through personalizing dashboards and infographics.

The search function offers type-ahead logic and delivers results for related terms. It helps users explore all data sources, guiding them to the most relevant content. These user-friendly features keep training at a minimum and reduce the effort required by IT.

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Visualize your data.

It’s easy to create a variety of charts with features such as geospatial mapping, customized colors and optional data labels. You can use data from both corporate and personal sources, and upload and combine data sets.

A drag-and-drop interface provides an even playing field for users of all backgrounds. Features include heat maps, pan-and-zoom and visualizations that are automatically chosen based on data type.

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Craft a story based on data.

Cognos allows you to share your data in a way everyone can understand. When combined, visualizations and data can lead to actionable insights and build compelling use cases. Graphic overlays, voice-overs and other dynamic elements paint a picture.

As you explore your data, a pinning feature is helpful for setting aside insights you might want to use later in visualizations. Or, you can reuse previous visualizations or add them to dashboards for easy sharing.

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IBM Cognos Analytics software

Deployment your way

You can choose how you’d like to deploy the software based on your time, resources and budget. Cognos works on premises or in the cloud. And, it can be implemented as a fully managed solution or as a service per month, per user. You control the experience.

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