Business analytics, redefined

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered analytics solutions from Insight and IBM empower you to make smart business decisions fueled by strategic data intelligence.

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Your organization depends on data.

Data is the lifeblood of any successful modern business. It determines the health of a company and acts as a guide for decision-makers. In order to get the pulse of your enterprise headed in the right direction, you need actionable insights from trustworthy data.

But with so much data streaming into your systems, it can be difficult to isolate the data that matters. IBM® hybrid data management and business intelligence solutions will help you navigate your data so you can turn insights into action.

Take control of your data.

With solutions ranging from unified data governance to business analytics and data science, the IBM analytics software suite can help you take the reins of your data.


IBM offers data warehousing and hybrid data management solutions to help you gather and access data across your entire enterprise.


Built-in governance, security and compliance controls help you enforce good data hygiene and cultivate reliable business intelligence.


IBM data science and artificial intelligence-powered business analytics enable your team to visualize information and predict business outcomes.

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Accelerate data science at scale.

As a unified data management platform, the IBM Integrated Analytics System combines data warehousing and multicloud flexibility with the latest data science tools to shorten development cycles.

The software helps you:

  • Enable collaborative data analysis.
  • Use keywords to search your data collection.
  • Discover data patterns with machine learning.
  • Move workloads between private & public clouds.

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Quickly gain insights.

Data doesn’t speak for itself. Careful preparation and thoughtful visualizations are needed to make the right impression. If those are missing, stakeholders might not see the value of your information.

Data visualization software, such as IBM SPSS® Modeler, can help you avoid this pitfall by identifying relationships, discovering trends and predicting behavior. Test ideas, develop and deploy models, infuse apps with machine learning and find patterns.

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Your do-it-all data solution

How much would your efficiency increase if you could monitor data trends across your entire enterprise, compile custom reports and share data visualizations using only one tool? IBM Cognos Analytics empowers you to do all that and more.

  • Easily upload data from multiple sources.
  • Explore relationships in your data using AI.
  • Get recommended data visualizations.
  • Present beautifully in storytelling mode.

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