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Manufacturing IT solutions and services

New opportunities to improve efficiency, agility and productivity are abundant in today’s manufacturing landscape. What manufacturing tools are you adopting to get ahead? We’ll help you find the best path forward to becoming a factory of the future.

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Maximize your operation potential.

Insight can adapt your factory to the latest environmental and technological challenges. Build a smarter, safer and more robust factory with innovative technology solutions that address your critical pain points, including:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Sustainability
  • Supply chain disruptors
  • Digital transformation

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Driving innovation through Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing manufacturing. We’ll deliver innovation to your factory floor, so you can automate hands-on tasks — from inventory tracking to predictive maintenance and more.


Deploy smart sensors to track production output, machine performance, maintenance cycles and inventory in real time.

Data and AI

Turn raw data into trends and patterns that inform decision-making with AI-enabled business intelligence solutions.

Intelligent applications

Analyze reports, control machines, serve customers and modernize legacy applications with easy-to-use tools.

AR and VR

Share essential product details with your customers and technicians, and simplify complicated tasks and training without risking personnel or machine safety.

Go green with sustainable manufacturing solutions.

Manufacturers are under mounting pressure to adopt more sustainable practices. But beyond brand image, sustainable technology solutions have numerous operational benefits.

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Predictive maintenance

Correct issues before failure occurs with predictive maintenance models that eliminate unplanned downtime and increase the lifespan of your technology.

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Optimize assembly, quality control and material handling with technology solutions and machines built for efficiency and consistency.

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Machine learning

Leverage your data analytics to identify patterns and predict outcomes that can reduce energy waste and scrap rates.

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Doing more with data

Next-generation factories are powered by data analytics. Sensors from connected devices provide real-time information that can inform business-critical decisions, including maintenance, inventory and operations.

Our services harness the full potential of your data to give you a competitive edge. Through innovative technology, like industrial IoT and artificial intelligence, you’ll run a smarter, more efficient factory.

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Protecting your most valuable assets.

Cybercriminals hunt for every vulnerability. That’s why you need a cybersecurity strategy that covers your entire operations — including devices that are often overlooked, such as connected technology and smart machines.

We ensure system and data security with endpoint protection, advanced monitoring, threat detection, and backup and recovery plans.

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Conquer supply chain disruption.

According to Coupa, more than 80% of organizations experienced at least one significant disruption to their supply chain last year, with 50% experiencing three or more disruptions.

Insight can improve your factory’s resiliency and agility with innovative technology that helps you quickly adapt to changes, including:

  • Real-time insights
  • Predictive analytics & machine learning
  • Robotics & workflow automation

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We understand manufacturing.

Our solution experts know how to improve efficiency and customer service. We’ve partnered with the leading manufacturers to solve complex problems through predictive models, automation, immersive technology and actionable intelligence.

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Transitioning to future-ready manufacturing

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