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Healthcare IT solutions

Get healthcare IT solutions and services that are HIPPA and FIPPs compliant and secure. We’ll modernize your healthcare IT infrastructure, upgrade point-of-care technology and more.

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Achieving better care with technology

Stay focused on what matters most with patient-centric technology solutions. We’ll help you tackle critical
healthcare challenges, including:

  • Labor shortages
  • Patient experience
  • Financial/economic constraints
  • Data security and compliance

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Healthcare IT solutions


Build an IT ecosystem that meets data, performance, compliance and security needs. Learn more


Support telehealth, smartphones, tablets and mobile apps while reducing your IT burden. Learn more

Security and data management

Build a future-proof environment that allows you to collect, secure and analyze data. Learn more


Optimize operations with managed IT services for hardware, software and cloud. Learn more

Stories that inspire

We’ve worked with healthcare organizations of all sizes for more than 30 years to improve patient and staff experiences. Explore our case studies, and discover some of our most ambitious collaborations.

Learning from your data

Like DNA, every enterprise healthcare and life science company is unique. We combine technological capability and outcomes-focused strategy to help our clients improve their data to define new opportunities.

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Labor management

Providing top-notch care requires the right size team. We’ll help you accurately predict your patient census to eliminate under- and over-staffing as well as paid overtime using predicted data.

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Patient Length-of-Stay (LOS)

Reducing patient LOS can save significant costs and improve care. We’ll help prepare centers and reduce gaps in the care continuum — improving efficiency while enhancing patient experiences.

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Predicting and reducing re-admissions

We've developed powerful and highly reusable predictive models for clinical data. These models help our clients proactively prepare for patients with higher risk for re-admission and design personalized intervention plans.

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Close care continuum gaps with modern solutions.

Telehealth is a win-win. Practitioners serve more patients in remote areas, and providers reduce the strain of clinical backlogs. Virtual visits and wearable technology are removing physical barriers while simultaneously improving health outcomes.

Remote health monitoring devices and videoconferencing solutions enable providers to deliver seamless experiences and drive better results. Custom apps dedicated to the needs of specific medical conditions can continually engage patients and offer around-the-clock support.

IT environments that save lives

Updating your IT infrastructure can have an enormous impact on your patients. Operational efficiency translates to reduced length of stay and faster diagnosis. Meet daily demands by deploying a modern data center and cloud.

Data center

Support your growing data ecosystem with a modern solution that makes it easier to collect and analyze information, so you can identify trends and make data-driven business decisions.


Increase agility, performance and mobility through a cloud platform that drives digital transformation with advanced analytics and more.

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Healthcare IT solutions for happier, healthier patients

Legacy systems and outdated processes don’t just jeopardize the quality of care. They also harm the patient experience.

Our team will help you implement simple, intuitive and helpful technology touchpoints that put the patient first — from check-in to recovery. You’ll be able to offer a greater level of interaction and comfort and empower patients with online registration, patient room devices, directional signage, after-visit updates and more.

Our security-first approach

Healthcare data is a valuable target for cybercriminals. We’ll help you safeguard sensitive patient information. Our solutions are fundamentally secure and HIPAA-compliant, designed to keep hackers out, protect patient records and ensure uptime.

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Threat intelligence &
disaster recovery

Stay ahead of bad actors with a proactive threat monitoring system. Quickly recover from attacks to minimize disruption and losses.

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Encryption solutions

Defend your data from being stolen or compromised by converting information into an encoded format that prevents unauthorized access.

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Identity & access
management technology

Gain secure access to your critical resources through a comprehensive solution that manages user identities and access permissions.

Healthcare purchasing contracts

We hold more than 200 state and local contracts, including OMNIA Partners and Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) contracts. Insight GPO contracts include Premier, Vizient, Intalere and HealthTrust Purchasing Group.

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