Predictive business intelligence

IBM® SPSS® software, available from Insight, allows you to apply advanced statistical analysis to every area of your business.

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Remove the complexity of big data.

SPSS offers machine learning algorithms, text analysis and integration with big data. Users of all skill levels will discover new opportunities to improve efficiency.

Through SPSS, users can gather powerful, predictive insights to help guide the future of your organization. Gain the ability to make data-driven decisions, reduce your business risk, and maximize revenue and profitability.

The benefits of SPSS

Get all the advantages of a powerful analysis tool without slowing your organization’s momentum.


Empower both business users and data scientists with a tool that can increase the data team’s efficiency.


Go live with new releases and products in days, not weeks, with GUI-based data science and machine learning.


SPSS can adapt to meet your changing needs, without sacrificing enterprise-grade security or governance.

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Visualize your insights.

The SPSS Modeler delivers graphical data science and predictive analytics to help you support your entire data lifecycle, from deployment to analysis to optimization. As a result, it accelerates operational tasks to give you hours back in your day.

Use SPSS for data preparation, discovery, data modeling and more. It comes with prebuilt models, ready to use. And, it meets rigorous security and governance requirements.

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Optimize data performance.

SPSS uses Hadoop® and Spark applications to deliver real-time processing and machine learning so you can go even deeper in your analysis — and simplify algorithm development. Reduce your coding efforts and easily access both structured and unstructured data.

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Achieve fast conclusions.

Validating your assumptions is straightforward in SPSS, which lets you analyze data trends and forecasting. More than 130 extensions provide advanced capabilities, or you can make up your own customized solutions.

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Predictive analytics

Access both descriptive and predictive analytics, plus data preparation and automation. SPSS Predictive Analytics Enterprise works with structured and unstructured data from any source. You can use data mining, statistical analysis, real-time scoring and more from a single solution.

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Woman using laptop displaying IBM SPSS Amos modeling software

Test your hypotheses.

SPSS Amos is powerful structural equation modeling software that allows you to perform multivariate analysis, including regression, correlation and variance. Shed light on relationships within data.

On-screen modeling helps you create path diagrams. Numerous prebuilt models give you a head start on exploration. And nongraphical modeling makes it easy to specify an equation model without a drawing.

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