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Insight and IBM will help you protect your endpoints and stop threats before damage occurs.

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Serious endpoint protection

Cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated, and organizations of all types and sizes are targets. IBM® endpoint management solutions will help you assess vulnerabilities and prioritize your risks. IBM allows you to monitor every endpoint and leverage advanced malware defense to identify risks.

How it works

IBM helps you oversee and safeguard your network through three key phases.

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Learn real-time information about your endpoints, no matter where they’re located or how they’re connected.

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Detect threats, deploy patches and gain visibility across your entire network, without losing momentum.

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Continuously examine and enforce security policies across your endpoints, and keep remote servers updated.

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Introducing MaaS360 with Watson

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help you keep smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more protected and under control. Experience fast, flexible deployments and integration with existing apps. Nonstop technical support and seamless infrastructure integration maximize your investments.

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Mobile device management

A comprehensive Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution has arrived. Easily keep track of iOS®, macOS®, Android and Windows® devices through IBM’s user-friendly portal — and configure devices in just minutes.

Additionally, MaaS360 with Watson Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) provides a platform for you to secure every endpoint. It connects endpoint and mobile users to corporate resources, manages enrollment requests and integrates with your existing tools.

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Mobile app security

MaaS360 with Watson protects public and private apps by enabling an app container. Choose from a range of customizations, such as requiring authentication, single sign-on, data leak prevention controls and more.

You can also use the Software Development Kit (SDK) option to control security within the app code itself. SDK helps you reduce your risk of mobile threats and streamline your workflows and deployments — which, in turn, helps safeguard your entire enterprise network.

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IBM BigFix endpoint management and security platform

Collaborative defense

It can be challenging for security and operations teams to prioritize patching and remediation. The IBM BigFix® endpoint management and security platform enables these two teams to work together efficiently. Reduce operational costs, empower staff and enforce compliance.

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The benefits of BigFix

BigFix gives you all the tools and features you need to effortlessly manage your endpoints.

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Monitor, enforce and report on compliance with real-time visibility into every endpoint.

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Discover and fix problems across your network, in any location, in minutes.

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See what software you own, what is or isn’t installed, as well as how it’s being used.

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Manage automatic patching from a single console with a view of the big picture.