Microsoft Visual Studio

Get the tools you need to design and develop an app for any platform.

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Visual Studio displayed on Mac and Windows devices

Optimized for teams

The Visual Studio® suite of component-based software development tools and technologies, available from Insight, helps you build powerful, multiplatform applications for your business.

With Visual Studio, you can quickly and effectively:

  • Create and edit applications.
  • Test scalability and performance.
  • Share code and track changes.
  • Manage projects across teams.
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Deliver apps across platforms.

Visual Studio and the Microsoft® Developer Network (MSDN) make it possible to design, create and test applications on a variety of platforms — and give you access to numerous Microsoft products and services.

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A smarter way to code

The Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) accelerates the development of applications that operate on Android, iOS®, Mac® and Windows®. Code with confidence, fewer errors and the help of IntelliSense® code suggestions. It lets you quickly view changes, test and even debug in real time.

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A free, robust resource

Experience a new way to edit code. Visual Studio Code enables you to debug apps with more than 4,000 extensions across any operating system. It’s packed with the features you need to create applications fast.

Microsoft Visual Studio IntelliSense icon graphic


Access smart code completions based on variable, function and imported modules.

Microsoft Visual Studio Debugging icon graphic


Fix errors from within the editor with break points, call stacks and an interactive console.

Microsoft Visual Studio Built-in Git icon graphic

Built-in Git

Review diffs and stage files in the editor using any Service Control Manager (SCM) service.

Microsoft Visual Studio Extensions icon graphic


Seamlessly add new languages, themes and debuggers or connect to additional services.

Introducing Azure DevOps

Experience modern development services that help you plan smarter, collaborate more and ship faster.

  • Azure Boards screenshot

    Microsoft Azure Boards icon

    Azure Boards

    Use agile tools to plan, track and discuss work across your teams. Kanban boards help you track your work while interactive backlogs and powerful planning tools keep you organized.

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  • Azure Pipelines screenshot

    Microsoft Azure Pipelines icon

    Azure Pipelines

    Build, test and deploy within any language, platform or cloud — and seamlessly connect to GitHub®. You can easily deploy containers to hosts or Kubernetes®.

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  • Azure Repos screenshot

    Microsoft Azure icon

    Azure Repos

    Now you can get unlimited Git repos in the cloud. This service will help you collaborate to refine your code with pull requests, advanced file management and unlimited free repositories.

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  • Azure Test Plans screenshot

    Microsoft Azure icon

    Azure Test Plans

    Fearlessly test your code with both manual and exploratory assessment tools. You’ll see your overall code and app quality rapidly improve over time, so you can deploy with confidence.

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  • Microsoft Azure Articats screenshot

    Microsoft Azure Articats icon

    Azure Artifacts

    You can add artifacts to your pipelines in just one click. Create, host and share packages with your team. You can also integrate packages in a simple, scalable fashion and share them with your entire team.

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Visual Studio App Center screenshot

Nonstop development

Visual Studio App Center gives you the ability to continuously build, test and deploy. Using it on real devices results in learnings that can improve your apps. You can also build in the cloud and test and deploy across thousands of devices.

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