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What is NCE?

Microsoft is driving towards greater standardization across their terms with a simplified and streamlined purchasing experience through a single MCA that scales to your organization’s business needs. This continued effort by Microsoft will create a better experience for customers by building common technology infrastructure.

With NCE, customers can accelerate their cloud journey with:

  • Optimizing their cloud spend with predictable invoicing.
  • Faster adoption of new products and solutions to maximize value
  • Improved subscription management capabilities with additional benefits being available

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Benefits of subscription licensing

Microsoft Volume Licensing for Office 365® makes it easier and more affordable to run software and cloud applications on multiple computers within your organization.

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Term options

  • Monthly term — Month-to-month flexibility with no long-term commitment required
  • Annual — Long-term price protection and discounted pricing compared to monthly
  • Multi-year — Available for select Microsoft 365 products

Billing options

  • Monthly, upfront, or annual (dependent upon term)

Cancellation or license reduction policy

  • Ability to cancel or modify license count within 7 days following subscription purchase or renewal with proration applied.

Enjoy additional benefits through New Commerce such as

  • Telco consumption-based billing
  • Hybrid use benefit for Microsoft 365
  • Home use program for Microsoft 365
  • Multi geo add-ons for Microsoft 365
  • Coterminosity — Ability to align end dates of new subscriptions with existing Insight NCE subscriptions for ease of management
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Opportunity / Value Statement

Consistent Value Proposition across all customer opportunities:

  • Net New Clients
  • Existing Volume Licensing Clients
  • Clients currently with competing CSP providers
  • Customers purchasing direct from Microsoft
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Seat-based offers

Previously referred to as Modern Commerce, this multi-phased initiative was initially introduced in 2019 with the updated Microsoft Customer Agreement and launch of Azure Plan. Microsoft has expanded this cloud portfolio with seat-based offers such as Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Windows 365.

NCE provides flexibility in how you manage software subscriptions with a single Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCA) that scales to your business needs and drives greater efficiency.

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Managing your licenses through NCE is even easier with our Insight Cloud Care included in your subscription.

Your organization has access to locally based, certified Microsoft® resources; tools to monitor and optimize your subscriptions, and a platform to better enable your growth in the cloud and align it to your business objectives.