Microsoft Fall 2022 Surface family devices

Devices designed for productivity

You want a tablet, but you need a laptop. Microsoft Surface® devices offer the best of both — portability, long-lasting battery, vibrant screens, advanced processors and more.

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Microsoft Surface Duo 2 shown in multiple views

Surface Duo 2

Unleash new possibilities for how you view, handle and complete your work. The Surface Duo® 2 offers two ultra-thin, high-resolution touch screens that can run your favorite applications. And, 5G connectivity ensures you can stay in touch from anywhere.

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Microsoft Surface Studio 2+ full view and folded view

Surface Studio® 2+

Get the best mix of inventive flexibility and high-performance computing in the Surface Studio 2+. The 28-inch PixelSense® display offers true-to-life color with touch-screen functionality.

Powered by NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics, Intel® Core i7 processor and a solid-state hard drive, the Surface Studio 2+ provides an ideal visual and performance experience. Whether you’re editing video, rendering large projects or using 3D modeling, your workloads will run seamlessly.

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Surface Hub 2S on stand and on wall display

Bring the team together.

The Surface Hub® 2S reimagines meetings. Use a digital whiteboard to inspire productivity across teams, or log in to the meetings platform to drive project execution and communication. Crisp resolution, vibrant video and a thin 50-inch display enhance teammate interaction.

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Man working using the Hololens 2

Ignite your productivity.

The HoloLens 2 self-contained holographic computer is powered by mixed reality and Artificial Intelligence (AI) — and available exclusively from Insight. It will help you deliver engaging training and collaboration through an augmented reality headset.

The immersive experience captivates audiences through hands-on training experiences, engaging meetings and more. A wide field of view, detailed images and an ergonomic fit allow wearers to move comfortably.

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