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The benefits of CASB

Symantec Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), available from Insight, gives you visibility and intelligence to stay secure in the public cloud. Through a series of automated alerts and policy responses, as well as tough app and data security, it allows you to:

  • Efficiently govern cloud data.
  • Ensure compliance.
  • Guard against threats.
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Protection at scale

Shield your accounts from cyberthreats. CASB quickly runs through thousands of applications to validate governance and policy controls. Automated data classification can help stop the loss of data. And behavior analytics reports clue you into the risks from malicious insiders.

Solutions for evolving organizations

Discover a solution that can integrate with your existing security stack and grow to meet your changing needs in cloud defense.

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    Cloud Data Protection and Security

    Transform field-level information into SaaS apps by selectively encrypting the data you need to remain secure and compliant. CASB helps you maintain application functionality, even with data that’s been encrypted or tokenized.

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    CloudSOC CASB Gateway

    Take control of every app, without harming end-user productivity. CloudSOC CASB Gateway automatically detects harmful activity and protects your business from data loss. It can help you react fast for incident response.

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    CloudSOC CASB for SaaS

    Know your app users are being safe with any cloud app by giving them robust protection from threats. CloudSOC CASB for Security as a Service helps protect your users and data, within Office 365® and beyond.

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    CloudSOC Audit – Shadow IT

    Now it’s easy to understand your risk across cloud applications, mobile apps and services. CloudSOC Audit can help you reduce costs by keeping you informed. Automatically receive reporting, control shadow IT and integrate secure web gateways.

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Integrate your way.

CASB seamlessly integrates into your existing security stack. That means you can fold data loss protection, Secure Web Gateway, endpoint protection and more directly into your current hub — and gain all the benefits without the disruption. Encrypt data, centralize your control and more.

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Cloud security for the enterprise

Your enterprise cloud security needs are quickly evolving. Are you ready to guard against new threats? Learn how Symantec’s solutions can scale alongside your business while helping you remain compliant.

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