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Secure, compliant web and application access

Designed to improve protection across web, social media, applications and mobile networks, SWG works as a proxy between users and the internet to identify malicious activity and protect sensitive information. Additional features include:

  • User authentication
  • Web traffic filtering
  • Cloud application usage monitoring
  • Data loss prevention
  • Threat prevention
  • Encrypted traffic visibility

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Improved anywhere web protection

If your data is always in transit, make sure it’s protected as it travels. Symantec web solutions come with a full set of security capabilities to help protect users anywhere they are located, including in the office, at home or from any other remote location.

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Cloud migration at your pace

Cloud migrations can be sensitive, especially when organizational appetite for risk is low. And, rushed cloud migrations can lead to major issues.

Symantec SWG supports cloud migration based on your timeline by enabling you to keep your on-premises SWG architecture and policies so you can migrate to the cloud at the right time and at the right pace for your business.

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Simplified pricing  

Symantec Web Protection includes easy-to-manage pricing thanks to a simple, clear and transparent per-user model. Accelerate your time to value and ROI faster with Symantec.

Flexible deployment options  

Symantec offers customizable deployment options to support your organization’s unique needs, including:


Cloud-native SWG improves protection against advanced threats and helps reduce total cost of ownership by eliminating single-purpose data center resources.


Edge SWG is available for appliances and virtual machines to improve web security and compliance enforcement for your corporate and regulatory needs.


On-premises SWG, private cloud SWG and multi-tenant cloud SWG work in unison and are all monitored from a single console for consistent policies across your environment.