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Symantec Endpoint Security Complete

Protect traditional and mobile endpoints from all possible threats with a single, comprehensive solution that reduces total cost of ownership and simplifies security measures across on-premises, hybrid and cloud environments. Symantec Endpoint Security Complete (SESC) offers advanced features, including behavioral isolation, Active Directory® security and threat detection capabilities.

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Prevent breaches.

Stop sophisticated threats and targeted attacks using adaptive protection capabilities from Symantec. SESC is equipped to help you solve your toughest security challenges with adaptive protection that adjusts to your environment’s needs. Plus, SESC scales with your infrastructure as it grows in complexity and size.

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Prevention-based security

Take a proactive approach to endpoint security. Insight and Symantec help stop threats and attacks before they occur, resulting in fewer alerts for your security team to investigate and remediate, and a safer, more compliant environment. 

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Comprehensive protection

Cyberattacks of all types are on the rise, especially in dispersed environments where remote workers, mobile devices and other device types create new avenues for attack. Symantec solutions offer comprehensive protection to secure all your endpoint device types and operating systems, including:

Device types

  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Servers

Operating systems

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linus
  • iOS
  • Android
Teammates working together at the office

Leverage advanced threat detection.

Too many alerts can overwhelm security terms, especially during the early stages of a targeted attack when there is no global context data available. To combat this, Symantec developed Threat Hunter, a service that combines local and global telemetry, machine learning analytics, and manually reviewed and validated analysis that expose attacks in your organization.

Threat Hunter helps your team stop attacks that might otherwise evade your sources, while also gathering and delivering global threat intelligence from organizations of all sizes. It identifies the earliest signs of hidden attacks in your organization and then notifies your security operations center through the SESC console.