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Redefine community management.

You’re collecting massive amounts of data. But how do you make it useful? Truly connected spaces built with Insight’s Connected Platform solution will help you unlock the value of your data — enhancing the way people interact with their environment.

Together, we’ll build communities of the future through an array of interconnected Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled technology. Real-time insights will empower you to improve the operational efficiency of every space and the quality of life for your residents, customers and guests.

Infinitely scalable solutions

Insight provides a scalable IoT architectural framework designed to boost security, cut development costs, propel efficiency and enable faster deployment. We build smart spaces that are focused on your exact needs.

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Insight Connected Platform for Detection and Prevention

Improving public health and safety relies on a robust prevention strategy. Our solution can be customized to meet your specific needs, including contactless temperature detection for public spaces, smart hand sanitization stations and smart sensors to encourage social distancing.

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Actionable information powered by machine learning

By routinely gathering data from a variety of sources, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution can streamline the way you confront everyday challenges. Insight’s Connected Platform solution will equip you with the information you need to resolve issues quickly and effectively.

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Compiling all information sources — from video feeds to air quality sensors — into a single system removes the hurdles around big data.

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On a customized dashboard, you’ll see in-depth metrics recorded by your connected devices, so you’ll always be working from a holistic viewpoint.

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By setting benchmarks for when to act, the platform can automatically trigger alerts that send services to address problems as they arise.

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Building smart cities of the future

We’ll help you deploy IoT-connected devices to keep tabs on the social and economic pulse of your community. Discover some potential uses of these technologies:

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Use intelligent meters to immediately alert officials to water leaks and power outages, enabling rapid remediation — and saving time and money.

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Facilitate smooth roadways with an application that helps residents choose transit options based on traffic reports, air quality and bus schedules.

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Set up dynamic messaging boards and information kiosks to provide real-time traffic and event information to pedestrians, motorists and tourists.

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Enable two-way, emergency messaging between officials and people in schools and other public buildings through our Connected Safety solution.

Why Insight for your Connected Platform solution?

Our diverse capabilities leverage a deep pool of intelligent technology experts and support from 3,500+ partners to create end-to-end IoT solutions at scale. We supply the sensors, design the infrastructure and provide support to create your smart community.

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Recognized by Fast Company for social good

Insight received three honorable mentions in Fast Company’s 2020 World Changing Ideas Awards for having a positive impact on business and society. The recognitions were for General Excellence, Best World Changing Idea for North America, and Spaces, Places and Cities.

For one of North America’s largest railroad companies, Insight implemented a smart drone program to improve rail safety. Insight also helped a Houston-area school district deploy an alert notification system to instantly connect school administrators with first responders in an emergency situation.

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A secure and scalable solution

Insight reference architectures are designed with flexibility and security in mind. It’s easy to add more data streams and devices as your needs grow.

We’ll work with you to create an ecosystem that securely combines analytics from today’s tracking sources and those to come. Manage your community with confidence knowing your data and devices are secure.

Build your smart community.

We’ll equip you with everything you need — from sensor deployment to ongoing support — to enhance the way you manage your community.