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Data platforms that work

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Modern data platforms are necessary to maximize the value of data for business outcomes — making data science, analytics, management and modeling crucial. Yet businesses struggle to identify and maintain the infrastructure and talent for enabling innovative data and AI solutions.

Lead your business confidently with data. Our modern data platform solutions ensure your analytics are accurate, actionable and secure — so you can eliminate silos and enhance your Business Intelligence (BI).

Get impactful data faster with
Insight Lens.

Insight Lens — our patent-pending, metadata-driven architecture solution — helps you fast track your modern data platform initiatives with a highly templated approach and proven process.

In this two-to-four-week engagement, you’ll get tailored support from a team of experts to simplify your ingestion strategies and minimize maintenance burdens. You’ll also receive a proof of concept to showcase specific use cases of modern data platforms in your business.


What to expect with Insight Lens:

Client prep

Before the Accelerator begins, gather business and technical stakeholders that are eager to get more value from your data.

Ideation & envisioning

Together, we'll align unified platform capabilities with your business objectives and determine 1–3 Proof of Concept (PoC) use cases to implement.

Rapid PoC

Insight will iteratively deliver on use cases envisioned and refine delivery and direction with business, IT and leadership stakeholders.

Visualization and readout

We'll facilitate understanding of PoC through executive and technical readouts and perform knowledge transfer covering demos, implementation, value assessments and more.

Start your generative AI journey.

Generative AI is more than just a buzzword — it’s changing the way we do business and enabling organizations to do more with less. Discover how the Insight Lens for Gen AI Accelerator can help you quickly and securely leverage the power of generative AI to drive efficiencies and power innovation.

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Stories to inspire

Modern data platform solutions are enabling organizations to do more. Discover how businesses are accelerating BI and AI with the help of Insight.

Managing Business Data Better — The Experts’ Perspective

Data volumes are growing at an unmanageable rate. How will you make sure your data management strategy is on target? Tune in to hear from Insight leaders on how to craft an approach that drives value and boosts business outcomes.

Partnering with the best

Deep domain knowledge and certified skillsets across all major vendors set us apart from the rest.

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Get hands-on support for hands-off AI.

Talk to our experts to schedule a workshop or chat about we can help prepare your data for generative AI initiatives.


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