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Drive transformation.

Run your apps wherever you need them and drive transformation with Google Cloud. Google’s distributed cloud solutions provide consistency between public and private clouds, enabling businesses to modernize and developers to build faster in any environment. Google’s Anthos platform gives you the flexibility to migrate, build and optimize apps across hybrid and multicloud environments while minimizing vendor lock-in — driving transformation within your business.

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Maximize insights from your data.

Make smarter business decisions and maximize insights from your data with Google Cloud machine learning and advanced analytics capabilities. This platform will help you automate processes, make intelligent predictions, and streamline management and operations. Find out how you can eliminate constraints of scale, performance and cost — and use real-time data to drive decisions and innovation — with Google Cloud smart analytics solutions.

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Professionals working on server room

Run on a clean cloud.

Power your workloads on a net carbon-neutral cloud that matches the electricity used to power Google Cloud products and services with renewable energy. As one of the major cloud providers to purchase enough renewable energy to cover all operations, Google Cloud offers your business a path to sustainability.

Google has reduced its environmental impact of cloud infrastructure by neutralizing all of its carbon emissions since 1998. The company has been committed to matching 100% of its electricity consumption with renewable energy purchases since 2017 — including the electricity to power Google Cloud. Going forward, Google aims to operate on clean energy, every hour and in every region by 2030.

Operate confidently with advanced security tools.

Protect your applications, data, infrastructure and customers from fraudulent activity, spam and abuse with the same infrastructure and security services Google uses. Google Cloud networking, data storage and computing services provide data encryption at rest, in transit and in use, while enabling advanced security tools to support compliance and data confidentiality — so you can operate with confidence.