Modernize retail operations

Zebra intelligent retail solutions, available from Insight, streamline and simplify operations by engaging associates, optimizing inventory and elevating the customer experience. Meet rising shopper demands with powerful tablets, mobile computers, scanners and more.

Optimize your entire retail ecosystem.

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Boost inventory

Inventory management solutions enable omnichannel operations and improve on-shelf availability and visibility.

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Enhance operations

Zebra smart devices are purpose-built to empower associates, simplify workflows and stop profit leaks.

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Elevate experience

Frictionless shopping and agile operations will better align your store with evolving customer demands.

Increase employee satisfaction

Did you know that 70% of associates feel more positive about employers when they provide them with useful technology?1 Find the right devices for your team.

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The Zebra portfolio

Built on decades of experience and a legacy of innovation

Person using the ET40/45 Enterprise Tablet.

Meet the ET40/45 Enterprise Tablet.

Equip associates with powerful, intuitive devices that include:

  • An integrated enterprise-grade scanner
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Wi-Fi 6 and 5G
  • Exceptional security support
  • Seamless compatibility

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Low cost. High power.

With Zebra TC mobile computers, retail workers can capture and access the data they need to boost efficiency. Plus, their rugged design delivers reliable operations — all without breaking the bank.

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1 Zebra. (2021). 14th Annual Zebra Global Shopper Study: The Next Wave of Retail Fulfillment. Zebra Technologies.