Zebra healthcare devices

With powerful and intuitive Zebra® technology, you’ll empower every healthcare worker to improve task accuracy, drive efficiency and enhance patient outcomes.

Innovative point-of-care tools

Zebra delivers purpose-built solutions tailored to a range of healthcare workers. With advanced devices, you’ll experience fewer unnecessary workarounds, reduce errors, facilitate positive identification, improve patient outcomes and unlock:

Nurse holding a Zebra healthcare device

Support for your workflows

Intuitive devices designed to meet the needs of every care role streamline your dynamic workflows.

Nurse using a Zebra healthcare device

Better patient care

Leveraging real-time data for actionable insights improves patient care and operational productivity.

Scanning using Zebra healthcare device

Increased efficiency

Mobile clinical tools empower you to spend more time on what matters most: caring for your patients.

Equip your front line for success.

With safe, secure and compliant technologies, your clinicians can make more informed decisions, improve care coordination and provide high-quality patient experiences.

The Zebra portfolio

Together, Insight and Zebra provide industry-leading mobile devices, hardware and scanners that improve patient outcomes.

Zebra HC20 and HC50 device image

Meet the HC20/HC50

Zebra’s newest family of healthcare mobile computers was designed from the ground up to meet the needs of modern healthcare organizations. The HC20/HC50 empower both your clinical and non-clinical workers with the perfect balance of ergonomics and features — with a cost that won’t break your budget.

Healthworker using mobile device

A new generation of healthcare mobility

The HC20/HC50 mobile computer is a pocketable device that’s easy to carry, use, disinfect and manage. With these powerful devices, you’ll:

  • Power all of your healthcare apps simultaneously.
  • See more and scroll less with the high-resolution, 6-inch FHD+ display.
  • Enjoy the fastest Wi-Fi speeds for dependable connections.
  • Easily capture barcodes with split-second scanning.
  • Gain crystal-clear voice quality on audio and video, even in busy emergency rooms.