Hybrid multicloud data services

Gain flexibility and control across every cloud model with Veritas® multicloud solutions, available from Insight.

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Ready to meet today's IT demands?

As cloud adoption accelerates and diversifies, the challenges of managing and protecting your data grow. Together, Insight and Veritas equip enterprise IT teams with powerful tools to keep pace with the demands of multicloud environments and increasing scale — all while keeping costs down.

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Optimize hybrid and multicloud costs.

With NetBackup software, you’ll take control of fragmented data, adopt a unified approach and back up vital information — all from a single dashboard. It’s designed to help you hit service levels, increase performance and experience true, end-to-end duplication.

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Powerful data protection

Safeguard your data, wherever it's stored. Backup Exec software delivers a cost-effective solution that integrates seamlessly with your cloud strategy. It lets you use direct cloud connectors, optimize costs and back up any storage device.

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Get the data you need, fast.

Now, you can empower your teams with self-service access to data when they need it — without having to store physical copies of your data. Veritas Velocity provisions virtual copies on demand, enabling fast access with either a physical or virtual appliance.

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Best-in-class backup and recovery

NetBackup with Cloud Scale Technology combines automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and an elastic architecture to improve agility and data security across any cloud — at any scale. 

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Desktop and laptop data protection

Veritas solutions make it easy to implement automated backup for your desktops and laptops in your Windows® or Mac® environment. You'll visibility into storage, backup and multicloud environments in a single, agnostic view with NetBackup IT Analytics. 

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Minimize downtime.

Veritas System Recovery offers image-based backup protection for services, desktops and laptops. It works in minutes, whether you’re recovering one email or data from an entire machine. And, it protects Windows and Linux® devices by automatically duplicating data to the cloud.

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NetBackup SaaS protection

Software as a Service (SaaS) vendors have adopted a "shared responsibility model," which means it's up to businesses to protect their own cloud-based data. 

With Veritas NetBackup SaaS Protection, you get a unified data management solution that delivers fully managed, cost-effective and automated Backup as a Service (BaaS) for leading SaaS business applications through a single, intuitive interface.