Eliminate data governance gaps

Insight and Veritas give you greater visibility into data, so you can make intelligent, real-time decisions.

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Optimize compliance through greater visibility, context and control.

The Veritas® compliance portfolio synthesizes intelligence across data sources to streamline access, deliver insights and minimize risks for organizations of all sizes.

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Capture every conversation.

The Veritas Merge1 integration ingests data from more than 120 popular communication platforms, including team collaboration tools, messaging apps, financial platforms and more.

This gives you total visibility into your enterprise communications, and simplifies compliance and risk management.

Meeting legal and regulatory needs

Discover a single solution that streamlines your regulatory and legal requirements: Veritas eDiscovery. It tackles the entire e-discovery lifecycle, including requests, collections, reviews and production. You'll swiftly locate documents, regardless of your data volume.

Advanced analytics allow you to pinpoint critical evidence while reducing manual processes. You can track your audits, isolate relevant items and improve your accuracy. And, automating processes such as data mapping and data classification can help you prioritize.

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Uncover risks and gain insights.

By leveraging the reporting and visualization features of Veritas Data Insight, you can classify at-risk data, rescind access to sensitive information and engage data owners to improve decision-making.

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Better archiving and retrieval

Enterprise Vault provides automated data archiving and retention capabilities that help you efficiently store and retrieve structured or unstructured information.

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Discover what matters most.

The Veritas eDiscovery Platform is a powerful engine for conducting large-scale, data-driven searches that help you identify key resolution files. This end-to-end investigation tool quickly collects, processes and organizes information for legal IT staff reviews and more.