Two government officials having a meeting

Conquering the paper trail

You work under a tremendous amount of pressure. As your budgets and resources shrink, you must be increasingly resourceful in generating, organizing and distributing the paper-based documentation that’s so critical to the public you serve. Insight Public Sector and Lexmark will help.

Lexmark MX910 Series printer

Quality made reliable

Lexmark answers the challenge with multifunction printers and devices that deliver high quality with workhorse reliability.

Insight will help you configure Lexmark® printers as part of a high-efficiency workflow solution that brings top performance to your department and your constituents.

Printers that deliver under pressure

Lexmark is well-equipped for high-volume assignments.

Program icons


Lexmark printers allow you to instantly access documents and data from anywhere on your network.

Printing pages


Smooth workflows promote steady productivity, reducing the bottlenecks that create delays and expenses.

Print pages in queue


Lexmark’s programmable features let you automate manual tasks, eliminating errors and reducing cycle times.