Business-transforming technology

Lexmark® color laser printers impact your business far beyond paper outputs. See how your productivity will improve with simplified device integration and user interfaces.

Lexmark CX860 series printer

Lightning performance

The Lexmark CX860 series printers produce up to 60 pages per minute and boast a massive toner capacity. These features allow you to cycle through 350,000 pages a month at the lowest cost per page possible.

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Lexmark CX825 Series printer

Powerful printing

The CX825 series color Multifunction Printers (MFPs) produce up to 55 pages per minute and scan up to 125 slides per minute. Get maximum productivity on everything from large graphics to high-resolution photos.

Plus, advanced scanning technology means CX825 printers automatically straighten askew images, reduce file sizes and accurately capture data. Load software specific to your needs or industry to take integration even further.

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Lexmark CX820 series printer

Best-in-class value

The Lexmark CX820 series color MFPs handle complex printing and scanning jobs — at a reasonable price. Print up to 52 pages per minute. And scan both sides of paper simultaneously at 120 slides per minute. 

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Lexmark CX725 Series printer

Fast and simple

Enterprise-level security and easy application integration set the Lexmark CX725 apart from other color MFPs. A print speed of up to 50 pages per minute and a robust 1.2 GHz processor minimizes waiting time.

The CX725 series printer offers virtually jam-proof paper trays and cuts paper-loading time with a 2,300-page capacity. And a 4800 color quality means brilliant color in every print.

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Lexmark CS820 series printer

Professional-quality color

The Lexmark CS820 series is the fastest workgroup color laser printer in its class, printing up to 60 pages per minute. One color page takes just eight seconds. And the 1.33 GHz processor churns complex jobs quickly.  

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Lexmark CS725 Series printer

Quick and reliable output

The Lexmark CS725 workgroup color printer pumps out a page in seconds. In fact, most employees won’t have time to leave their chairs before a job completes. Speed and high-end color deliver impressive value.

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Lexmark CS720 series printer

Spot-on color

The Lexmark CS720 is simple and intuitive and generates professional prints. Print up to 50 pages per minute and enjoy crisp 4800 color quality. PANTONE® calibration and color sample pages get the color right from the start.

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