Take control of your security with ChromeOS

Experience continuous protection with built-in, intelligent security, granular policy controls, and automatic updates from ChromeOS. Protect users and data against ransomware, malware, and phishing threats with a tamper-proof OS and devices. Each layer of ChromeOS’s vertically integrated stack reinforces security, while system-wide automatic updates future-proofs your protection.

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A smart investment for your business

Did you know your business can experience 76% faster deployment time with ChromeOS? This report documents ESG’s hands-on testing of Google ChromeOS and Windows laptops, quantifying the speed of deployment and device lifecycle management benefits that can be achieved. Click the link to learn more.

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Key uses for ChromeOS

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Healthcare workers

Moving to cloud-first endpoints is a cost-effective way to address the needs of providers and patients, helping to deliver an improved care experience.

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Hybrid workers

ChromeOS is a modern, secure, cost-effective platform that’s the only cloud-first platform designed to support hybrid work and your return-to-office strategy. It allows IT to manage distributed devices from anywhere with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade.

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Front-line workers

Move offline processes online and empower your teams with powerful technology that not only unlocks their productivity, but also provides a better employee experience.

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Enable hybrid work with ChromeOS.

With ChromeOS, your hybrid workforce can stay productive and secure either from the office, home or both. User profiles and data are stored in the cloud, allowing employees to quickly sign into any device, access their files and pick up where they left off. You can also remotely manage devices and set policies from anywhere with the Google Admin Console.

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Choose the right ChromeOS device for your workers.

In order to be productive and do their best work, employees need the right tools for the job. Utilize our ChromeOS device selector to find the best ChromeOS device for each use case.

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A thin client solution for virtualization needs

ChromeOS devices support industry-leading VDI services from VMware, Citrix, Cameyo and more, giving your workers access to the apps they need to succeed. ChromeOS enables speedy device deployments and remote management of your fleet, so you can get up and running quickly and securely — wherever you are.

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