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Collaboration, powered by modern technology

Technology is changing the way you work. Employees expect limitless access and the freedom to work from any device at any moment. Structured collaboration harnesses the power of modern cloud architecture to give your workforce the tools they need.

Structured collaboration helps you benefit from solutions such as Microsoft® Office 365®, with features that include:

  • Collaboration tailored to business processes
  • Converged messaging, voice and video
  • Compliance by design

Cater to a workforce on the move.

Offices are no longer confined to brick-and-mortar locations. People work fluidly from home offices and airports and in transit. We optimize business collaboration tools for every device — mobile, tablet and desktop.

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Live updates and easy sharing give you control. Our software brings teams together, allowing people to work faster and closer.

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Choose when to store a document on your device for offline use, or push it to the cloud for easy access and safekeeping.

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Keep documents, spreadsheets and presentations at your fingertips. Do more with powerful tools all in one location.

We help you reach peak collaboration.

How collaborative is your company? Don’t settle for uninspired processes that bottleneck productivity. See the stages of enterprise collaboration and discover what a truly engaged workforce is like.

Stage 1 Ad hoc

You select technology based on what has been used in the past. Convenience and familiarity guide decision-making, which results in leaning on consumer services.

Progress is slow, and workers are regularly frustrated with the tools they're forced to use.

Stage 2 Reactive

Collaboration is out of control and often falls short of compliance mandates. To reduce the chance of a security breach, restrictions are set to keep users on approved tools.

Collaboration is cumbersome, requiring extra time and effort to accomplish tasks. The tool barely meets business needs.

Stage 3 Modern

Company-sanctioned collaboration tools are in line with consumer offerings. Workers don’t need to search for unapproved external solutions because existing offerings meet their immediate needs.

The presence of a good mobile experience and a consistent connection give workers the ability to work from anywhere.

Stage 4 Compliant

An additional layer of customization tailors the environment to your needs. A clear user interface shows what information can be stored where. Audit trails and retention policies are in place.

A custom user interface and processes that incorporate compliance speed workflow.

Stage 5 Optimized

Collaboration software is supporting the workforce in multiple ways. The tool provides an interactive, 360-degree view of the business, spanning people, documents, conversations and real-time business data.

Employees are more engaged in their work through an intuitive work environment.

Stage 6 Engaged

This represents peak agility and productivity. Collaboration is omnipresent and compliant. Contextual collaboration weaves the solution into business processes through deep line-of-business integration.

Kiosks, wallboards and other digital touchpoints streamline workflow.

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Cloud technology changes the game.

Traditional enterprise protocols, such as computers connected to a centralized corporate network, handcuff your workforce, throttling their capacity to do business. The cloud frees your employees and boasts better flexibility and stronger security.

Automation eliminates repetitive tasks.

Don’t waste time or resources on monotonous work. Investing in automation spares your staff from tedious tasks. We adopt your established workflows and protocols and create a custom process that reduces the need for your staff’s involvement, while reducing errors.

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Maximize reach with pervasive tools.

The best structured collaboration tools are all around you. Technology infused into your business processes can eliminate manual tasks, expedite the approval process and accelerate overall productivity. This is the future of workforce applications.

Let’s do big things together.

Innovating is the only way to stay relevant in today’s uber-competitive market. Our unique approach and deep knowledge put you on the path to true innovation.


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