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A new era of business applications

Technology advances and changing workforce habits have evolved the ways we do business. But legacy applications are no longer helping businesses advance — they're slowing them down. Application modernization puts your company ahead of the curve.

With streamlined processes, increased flexibility and built-in analytics, the business tools of the future make you more productive than ever. We leverage the latest in cloud technology to build powerful new tools centered on your goals and needs.

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Design focused on the end user

People expect consumer-quality applications at work. That’s why every legacy application modernization project is focused on the way you work. We concentrate on ease of use and seamless operation to drive higher adoption rates.

Familiar interfaces and simple actions eliminate barriers to entry and encourage your workforce to take advantage of a modern application’s rich features. The more employees use your tool, the faster you see return on investment.

Reimagined from the ground up

As tools age, companies layer new functionality over an archaic interface without considering its long-term health. We rethink your tools and ensure performance only gets better over time.

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Better security

Consumers and employees trust businesses with their sensitive data. We safeguard this information with modern protection measures.

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Faster speed

Work uninterrupted with tools designed to operate smoothly. Steady connection and quick load speed save time, effort and frustration.

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Consolidated systems

We eliminate duplication and unify disparate systems into one centralized site so you don’t waste time searching for the right location.

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We become part of your team.

Instead of leading with what technology we offer, we listen and conduct extensive interviews to determine your goals. After we fully understand the scope of your needs, we construct the best solution possible.

You’re involved at every stage of the process — from concept to creation. Working shoulder to shoulder with your team creates a collaborative environment.

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Why partner with Insight?

We’re leaders in modern cloud architecture and know how applications are being built today. Our strong design experience and vast technical skills ensure we have the expertise to lead any project.

We invest in your ongoing success with better testing processes and automation that prevents costly regressions after launch. Our long-term vision spans the entire application lifecycle.

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Flexibility for today’s worker

Meet your employees where they are, on any device, with mobile integration. Applications that only work on certain networks and on specific devices limit your opportunities to do business. Our builds are highly flexible, catering to:

  • User-centered experiences
  • Tablet and smartphone devices
  • PC and Mac® operating systems

Future-proof your technology.

Modernized legacy applications address the challenges of evolving technology and workplace habits through solutions that reduce total cost of ownership and increase flexibility, reliability and scalability.

Let’s do big things together.

Innovating is the only way to stay relevant in today’s uber-competitive market. Our unique approach and deep knowledge put you on the path to true innovation.


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