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Guest-centric travel technology solutions

Fast, friendly and easy are travel and tourism standards. Falling short of expectations loses you business and damages your reputation. But, combining your offerings with the right technology can make all the difference.

Create exceptional experiences that delight customers with modern hardware, software and cloud solutions. We have the technical and industry expertise to design and implement technology tailored to your desired outcomes.

Modernize your front and back office.

Fast, modern and efficient IT ecosystems make seamless stays possible. We’ll help you purchase, implement and manage your entire environment with our procurement solutions.

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Create secure, mobile-friendly spaces across lobbies, rooms and patios to support guests and staff.

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Simple and fast hardware — from point-of-sale to desktop to mobile solutions — will enhance interactions.

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Maximize your software lifecycle and optimize costs with effective procurement and governance strategies.

Hospitality technology solutions that build connections

Uniting people through destinations and experiences is at the heart of the travel and tourism industry. Our workforce solutions will ensure you’ll never miss an opportunity to engage customers.

Our security-first approach

Protecting customer data can be a full-time job. That’s why we integrate security in everything we do to safeguard your data and systems from malicious entry, cyberattacks and more.

Deliver a lasting impression.

Turning a dream travel experience into reality requires a special touch. We’ll help you get personal with digital tools.

Application development

We build apps that provide real value. Whether it’s to personalize touchpoints or streamline workflows, our process puts user needs first.

Smart spaces

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and internet-of-things sensors help you predict guest needs and improve through real-time data analytics.

Conversation agents

An AI-powered chat agent can handle simple customer service requests, freeing your staff to focus on complicated requests and high-value customers.

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Modern and effective IT environments

Improve operations and reduce your IT burden with our IT infrastructure transformation services. We’ll help you solve your business challenges through discovery, analysis, deployment and management services.

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