Large Format Displays

Tell your business’ story through high-impact visual messaging. Samsung large format digital displays provide professional-grade image quality with excellent contrast ratio and superb brightness and colour uniformity.

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Samsung Outdoor and High Bright Displays

Outdoor and High Bright Displays

High readability and visibility for full or semi-outdoor environment.  Projecting clear, bright images that attract and engage audiences – even under the scrutiny of direct sunlight. 


Video Walls

Deliver powerful, brilliant visual messages in any environment. From control rooms to digital signage to architectural sites, Samsung Video Walls showcase professional-grade image quality and innovative design for an immersive, realistic experience. Offering excellence in quality, durability and reliability, Samsung Video Walls are designed to meet your business needs and captivate your audience.


Interactive Displays

Transform any space into a meeting room with the Samsung Flip – an interactive digital flip chart that connects to a wheel-based stand for advanced portability. A versatile alternative to analog boards and paper notes, the Samsung Flip centralizes all meeting needs into a single, fully integrated idea-generation forum, letting your team collaborate and stay engaged. Intuitive and user friendly, the Samsung Flip enables your team members to easily log, save, share and protect game-changing ideas.

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