Unboxing the WAC series

Ready to go out of the box, Samsung WAC series interactive displays deliver all the features you need to spark collaborative juices and boost productivity in a corporate environment.

Simplify collaboration with Samsung's WAC series.

Infinite interaction icon
Infinite interaction

Integrated video conferencing and multi-window & split-screen modes make for more dynamic presentations.

Custom connectivity icon
Custom connectivity

Reach audiences of any size with screen-mirroring, broadcasting and content-sharing functionalities.

Powered by Android icon
Powered by Android

Start collaborating right away on a familiar Android interface — with speedy setup and sign-on to boot.

Android-powered whiteboards

Improve Workplace Efficiency with Samsung's WAC Series. The WAC series is intuitive, easy to use and customizable with all your favourite apps.

Flip the script on meetings

The Samsung Flip flipchart makes it easy to write, draw, erase and start over in business meetings. Flip the page and script, seamlessly scrolling through and sharing content to inspire new ideas.

Flip Tizen whiteboards

Match any business need using Flip as a calendar, scheduler, note or checklist board.

Touching is believing

See next-level interactivity in action and on full display on Samsung touchscreens, available from Insight.

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