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Technology in classrooms is no longer a luxury — it is an essential requirement for learning. Insight Public Sector helps K-12 schools and districts meet the IT demands of today’s evolving education system, including enabling remote learning.

When a technology solution is needed for your school, we’ll guide you through determining the requirements, developing a deployment plan and delivering the solution on-time and under budget.

We’ll help your organization:

  • Create a digital classroom.
  • Keep students and teachers safe.
  • Protect sensitive school data.
  • Connect and manage devices with ease.

One partner for all your needs

Our end-to-end services are designed to streamline execution and reduce complexity. We have the broad capabilities to assess your technology needs, supply the products, deploy them effectively and provide the ongoing support to keep it all running efficiently.

Experienced education consultants

Leverage our decades of experience and technical expertise in the education industry to solve your pressing challenges.

Deployment and IT management

Complete lifecycle services and certified labs facilities can configure your devices so they’re ready to go on day one.

Deep partner relationships

Access the top education technology brands at discounted rates through purchasing contracts for hardware and software.

Devices for education and 1:1 learning

Technology in classrooms improves the learning experience and prepares students to thrive in the workforce, college and the digital world. For many districts, Chromebooks and Windows 11 devices are the solution to tight budgets and high-tech demands.

Budget friendly

Choose laptops, tablets and convertibles, with features like touchscreens and webcams, all at low purchase prices.

High performance

Long battery life allows for all-day instruction without interruptions — increasing productivity.

Top-tier security

Leading security solutions protect student and teacher data to make online schooling safe.

Easy to manage

Comprehensive platforms allow students to manage work efficiently and maximize learning.

Create your digital classroom

Learning today is high-tech and fast-paced. Powerful technology at the right price will help you achieve your goals.

Students using interactive digital whiteboard in class

Digital whiteboards

Teachers using school printer in hallway

Secure printers

Close up of laptop charging

Charging carts

Students using tablet devices in classroom

1:1 devices

Students working in clasroom

Funding assistance to create learning opportunities

Technology has the power to enrich learning experiences, but many schools lack the resources to fully unlock the potential of tech in the classroom.

Funding assistance, such as the E-Rate program and the Emergency Connectivity Fund, equip schools and libraries with the devices and broadband connection for a digital-first education. Our team can assist throughout the application process — from identifying opportunities to developing proposals and consulting with your grant writers.

Software that supports learning

Connected devices are facilitating student collaboration and allowing them to act as creators of knowledge, rather than just consumers. Get software that promotes student-centered learning and emphasizes interacting, working in groups and developing solutions to real-world problems.

Google logo

Google for Education

Using and maintaining Google for Education is a breeze with cloud connectivity, automatic updates and built-in security.

Windows 11 logo

Windows 11

Build confidence in the platforms students will use beyond the classroom and customize the user experience to your teaching needs.

Adobe logo

Creative software

Allow students to bring their ideas to life with art, design and CAD software, including the Adobe® creative suite.

Keeping students safe

Student safety is a top priority. Our comprehensive school security solutions will protect sensitive student information from breaches with firewalls and secure remote access. And, we’ll ensure your students have a secure online environment by limiting access to certain content for a safe browsing experience.

In an emergency situation, every second counts. Insight’s Connected Safety solution is an IoT-enabled emergency response system that alerts authorities and guides people to safety using in-room buttons, color-coded lights, sensors and security systems.

Networking and Wi-Fi solutions for schools

Secure and reliable connections make learning possible on a growing number of mobile devices and 1:1 initiatives. Our education networking solutions ensure you have the proper bandwidth and security protocols in place to support your students and staff.

From assessing and consulting to installing
to maintaining, we can assist with:

  • Wireless and wired internet
  • Virtualization and remote access
  • Server storage and backup
  • Network and device security

Create immersive learning experiences

Critical thinking, creativity and technology skills are an essential part of education today. Holistic STEAM programs encourage students to learn by doing, develop critical thinking skills and work in teams. This is what the next generation of learning looks like.

Student using VR technology

Virtual reality

Take students on a space exploration, dissect a frog or explore the Arctic without leaving the classroom using Microsoft® HoloLens® 2, Lenovo® Virtual Reality and Google® Expeditions.

Student in engineering class work with robotics


Science and math can be difficult to grasp, but educational robotics builds engineering intuition and meaningful problem-solving skills through hands-on building and coding activities.

Student working with 3d printer


Build an exciting place dedicated to making, learning, exploring and sharing. Students grow self confidence and skills through electronics, 3D-printing, modeling, coding and fine arts.


New horizons in skill building

K-12 esports programs help students enhance their collaboration, communication and critical thinking through the competitive gaming activities they know and love. Our teams will help you launch a new program or improve an existing one with innovative devices, high-performance networking, robust security and more.

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