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Data center modernization as a growth driver

Your organization’s performance is tied to the effectiveness of its data and applications. But these assets increasingly require more power and resiliency to support a strong and collaborative business. Modernize your data center and infrastructure with the latest platforms.

We can help you architect an on-premises or cloud-based environment that drives innovation and digital transformation across the business. Discover how you can use cloud, hybrid cloud, multicloud, hyperconverged/converged infrastructure and more to propel your business into the future.

Ways we help include

  • IT environment and workload assessment
  • Workload alignment for hybrid cloud environments
  • Modern platform evaluation, deployment and management
  • Remediation of data and organizational silos
  • Platform integration, application modernization and IT modernization strategy
  • IT operating models to support modern platforms (as a service, managed services, modern IT operations)
  • Stable architecture for hybrid infrastructure delivery
  • Governance and security for modern platforms

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Explore our latest thinking on modern platforms and data center modernization.


Client success stories

Discover how our clients across industries are driving business impact with modern platforms.

Explore modern platforms to transform your business.

Converged means simplicity and scale.

Converged Infrastructure (CI) and Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) combine data center components into single, validated solutions with centralized management. Organizations can use CI and HCI to accelerate deployment, reduce operational costs and improve utilization.

The latest HCI solutions bring even more to the table, such as integrations with containerized environments, independent server and storage scaling, hybrid infrastructure for cloud replication, HCI for the edge and HCI as a service.

Insight can help you with CI and HCI solution strategies, deployment, management and support. We partner with all leading manufacturers of CI and HCI solutions.


Our cloud capabilities

Modern cloud infrastructure is all about automation and repeatability — reducing inputs to maximize outputs and reaping the best possible benefits for your business. Intentional strategy supported by experience and skills to execute successfully can bridge the gap between cloud goals and outcomes.

As the leading Solutions Integrator with deep expertise across data center and cloud, we offer complete cloud solutions that span public, hybrid and multicloud.


Assess and strategize.

Define or redefine your cloud environment.


Architect and migrate.

Build out your cloud with the right workloads.



Modernize critical platforms to support innovation.



Make tactical adjustments to improve business outcomes.



Automate and streamline support for your cloud.



Implement cloud governance and cloud-native security tools.

Why Insight for cloud?

30+ years of data center experience and IT services delivery

3,500+ technical certifications held

Multicloud expertise across

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AWS logo
Google Cloud logo

5 resilient U.S. remote support centers

Mature managed services model offered on
6 continents

Distributed cloud models

As cloud usage continues to evolve, organizations have learned that specific cloud solutions may support some workloads better than others. In this video, learn about the evolution of cloud to multicloud and federated cloud structures, which use a modern distributed cloud model.

Integrating new technologies

Startup companies have the luxury and ease of building IT environments using the newest technologies. Established organizations need to be more deliberate. Legacy systems impact data, storage and the ability to seamlessly integrate new and emerging technologies to create a modern data center. It’s not possible, nor practical, to rip and replace entire legacy systems. Solution design requires addressing challenging questions — best done with experts on our team.

  • What’s currently working? And what isn’t?

    In many cases, legacy systems are accompanied by specialized processes and databases that require enhancements and simplification. We help you evaluate and implement appropriate changes.

  • What workloads could benefit from moving to cloud or data acceleration layers?

    We can help you map, assess and align your workloads to optimal platforms. For most organizations, the appropriate data center is hybrid.

  • What is your data capacity and is it sufficient?

    Work with us to better understand your data and its attributes, and to select, procure and implement new storage solutions that deliver increased agility and scale with less risk.

  • Are you maximizing the value and utility of your IT investments?

    By performing cost and benefit analyses, we can evaluate whether shifting IT resources — including technology and personnel — might make sense.

  • Are you realizing the benefits expected from newer technologies?

    Sometimes, integration challenges can make overhaul look deceivingly attractive. We can help you fine-tune and optimize existing infrastructure to control costs and reduce complexity.

Technical debt
— the experts’ perspective

By assessing various solutions and implementing a long-term strategic plan, you can avoid the accumulation of technical debt during the transition from legacy systems. In this video, hear how Insight's experts advise limiting technical debt to stay on track with digital transformation and innovation projects.

Modernize your infrastructure.

We’ll help you assess, deploy and manage your next-generation infrastructure — and align your workloads with the right platform to achieve agility. Connect with our specialists to start your transformation journey.


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