Introducing JBoss EAP

JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP) is meant to simplify your Java EE builds and deployments. It offers enterprise-level security and scalability for all environments.


A modular architecture ensures efficient resource usage across any cloud environment.


Designed with flexibility, JBoss supports all application types, from traditional to microservices.


A management console makes it easy for administrators to maintain and update deployments.

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JBoss simplifies deployments on premises and in virtual, private, public or hybrid cloud environments by only using services if they’re required. It offers a low-memory footprint and fast startup times to maximize efficiency.

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Created for flexibility

Easily build the applications you need to build — no matter the type. JBoss EAP reduces the time it takes to scale and allows you to work across different environments, without confusion or delay.

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Extensive developer support

JBoss supports Java EE along with Java EE frameworks, such as Spring, Spring Web Flow, Spring Security, AngularJS and more. When combined with common developer tools, JBoss can help accelerate productivity and improve quality.

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Simple management

Take advantage of intuitive navigation and support for large configurations. JBoss is designed for easy maintenance and updates. You can get a unified view of your configurations and subsystems, and even manage your servers offline, if necessary.

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Subscription model

A JBoss subscription is one way to eliminate frustrating licensing contracts that lock you into a single environment for the long term. Experience technical and business flexibility, along with the freedom to choose when and how you’ll deploy your applications.