Enterprise DevOps from Micro Focus

Accelerate application delivery, liberate resources, boost business confidence and deliver IT value without risk with Micro Focus® Enterprise DevOps. Test and automate everything at scale while increasing collaboration and stakeholder alignment.

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Quality and test management

Gain real-time insights, including analytics on the health and risks associated with every application release. Deliver software up to 40 percent faster and improve developer efficiency by 25 percent with ALM Octane. Reduce application testing time by 30–40 percent in highly regulated environments with ALM / Quality Center.

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Functional testing

Functional testing lets you accelerate end-to-end automation using embedded AI-based capabilities, and continuously test any technology, in any environment, ultimately reducing test execution times.

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Performance engineering

Engineer performance early in the lifecycle through to the end for the best user experience. Improve the user experience at scale by uncovering performance bottlenecks and pinpointing their root cause with Performance Engineering.

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Embrace enterprise Agile and DevOps.

Quicken project deliveries by planning and setting up workflows that gather approvals and track project status quickly and efficiently with smart integrations. You’ll be able to monitor your team’s costs, utilization and allocations from a centralized source of truth, enabling agile planning with flawless execution.

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Application and process modernization

With Micro Focus, you can deliver new business value by modernizing core systems and processes, and boost speed to market and operational efficiency with the COBOL mainframe application delivery, and host access solution.