HP Presence

Improve collaboration with HP® Presence — available from Insight — the conference room AV solution that helps create meaningful meetings.

Seamless video. Clear audio. Presence.

HP Presence conference room solutions enrich any meeting area, from single-use focus spaces to medium and large conference rooms.

Vivid interactions

4K video and high-definition audio make it feel like every meeting participant is in the same room.

Simple setup

Easy-to-install devices use automated tracking to adjust framing based on your meeting needs.

Enhanced visibility

IT can receive real-time insights and alerts to ensure the meeting and devices are running properly.

HP Presence 4k AI Camera

HP Presence See 4K AI-Camera

This smart camera helps you stay connected through 4K video and cinematic audio. Plus, it protects your privacy. The device wakes and auto-frames when a user enters the room, then it rotates toward the floor after the meeting.

Camera lighting is adjusted based on the room’s needs, so participants can always see collaborators.

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Presence Audio Video Bar product

HP Presence Audio Video Bar

Equip a variety of spaces with the HP Presence Audio Video Bar. Its smart camera includes picture-in-picture, automatic tracking and a privacy shutter. Studio-grade Bang & Olufsen® audio helps everyone hear the next big idea.

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HP Presence Control

HP Presence Control and Presence Control Plus

A minimal form factor and 3D interactive screen keeps your spaces sleek and meetings on track. Each device is equipped with premium sensors for control, wake and camera readiness. And, requests can be sent to IT, facilities or the café in an instant.

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Users collaborating in conference room virtually with HP Presence products

Simplified management

HP Presence conferencing services are designed to maximize the value of your conference room solutions. Tracking capabilities help you monitor device health, and each device can receive updates easily — all controlled from a single dashboard.

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