Barracuda Email Protection

Defend your organization from evolving threats with enhanced Barracuda email security solutions available from Insight, designed to provide comprehensive protection.

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Open emails without exposing your organization to attacks.

Any email your users receive could create vulnerability within your organization. Insight and Barracuda deliver comprehensive solutions to protect your users and network from phishing, ransomware, malware and other threats.

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Prevent threats.

Stop email threats in their tracks with an all-in-one solution that combines gateway defense, API-based inbox defense and web security.

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Secure data, ensure compliance.

Maintain regulatory compliance, stay productive during downtime, and recover easily from malware or data loss with backup and recovery of Microsoft 365 email and data.

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Detect and respond.

Discover threats faster and limit their impact with automated response and security awareness training for your end users.

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Email threat protection  

As cyberattacks increase in number and sophistication, enterprises are experiencing a surge in ransomware and email impersonation threats that put their email environments at significant risk. Barracuda® email protection solutions can help you secure all points of vulnerability for your business, including inboxes, data and users, to stop attacks before they start. 

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Delivery detection and response

Attacks on business email are inevitable. Barracuda solutions ensure your organization is ready to quickly and decisively respond to email-based threats to mitigate their impact. Designed to remove the burden from your IT team, this automated solution investigates workflows and enables the direct removal of malicious emails. 

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Data protection and compliance 

Without access to critical data, business can quickly grind to a halt, causing significant impacts to productivity and profits. Reliable data backup is key to keeping business moving. Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup delivers a cloud-based solution for scalable backup and recovery for Microsoft Office 365 data, so you can backup your data from Teams, Exchange Online, SharePoint®and OneDrive®in a reliable, cost-effective way.