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Your collaboration strategy starts here.

Effective collaboration in the workplace begins and ends with your users. Modern businesses are investing in tools that help employees accomplish more, and results speak for themselves. Through our managed collaboration solutions, we build holistic environments that increase worker satisfaction and productivity.

Our unified collaboration solutions take advantage of the latest technology to integrate a suite of tools and applications with your existing workflow. Replace rigid legacy environments and allow your workforce to be effective anywhere, from any device.

Convenience through streamlined processes

Technology connects your workforce and gives you a seamless experience. We enable your business with a host of integrated tools housed in one centralized location.

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Collaboration tools

Cisco and Microsoft solutions enable file sharing, instant messaging, persistent chat and more.

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Optimized customer engagement

Create better customer interactions and improve efficiency with Insight’s contact center applications.

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Web, voice & videoconferencing

Connect workers with high-definition tools that easily link users from anywhere, on any device.

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Seamless communication across your organization

The proliferation of bring-your-own-device policies and remote work introduces new possibilities for collaboration. Our Microsoft 365 solutions enable complete workforce sharing while simplifying IT management.

You’ll gain the power to:

  • Sync information across devices
  • Modernize your email experience
  • Share calendars and contacts
  • Engage in HD online meetings
Colleagues collaborating through virtual solutions

Stay up-to-date with digital collaboration.

Now, it’s easier than ever to bring people together, reduce costs, minimize travel and optimize communication. Our collaboration solutions turn a virtual meeting into an interactive brainstorm session. And, by consolidating processes, you save time and energy, so you can focus on growing your business.

Embrace an array of robust features, including:

  • Real-time document writing and editing
  • Simplified file migration, user access and rules
  • Quick file recovery and permissions control

Get full security in the cloud.

Reduce dependency on a network by extending to the cloud, and take business-critical assets with you, no matter where you are. We create custom cloud environments for your company’s unique needs.

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Simplified billing

You can easily budget costs with an Operating Expenses (OpEx) model that accurately reflects monthly use.

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Built-in security

Automatic downloads, software updates and end-to-end encryption on every device protect your business.

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Improved scalability

Add staff and increase storage with intuitive controls. Making admin and IT changes has never been easier.

We’ll show you what’s possible.

Every solution revolves around you. Our expertise guided by your goals and requirements will drastically change how you do business. Explore our methodology:

  • Brainstorming session with sticky notes in open office

    Step 1: Envision

    An envisioning workshop clearly defines desired business outcomes and sets goals. With those in mind, we explore possibilities, push boundaries and outline expectations.

  • Experienced professionals analyze and draft solutions

    Step 2: Assess

    Where you want to be starts by understanding your position today. An operational readiness assessment analyzes every aspect of your business, from networks to end users.

  • Designers come up with creative solutions

    Step 3: Design

    A holistic solution begins to take shape as we define the architecture, reference use cases and test plans. Scope, estimate and cost definitions are all given careful consideration.

  • Experienced project managers oversee deployment

    Step 4: Deploy

    Experienced practice architects oversee every deployment and incorporate repeatable delivery models. Project managers ensure everything stays on time and budget.

  • Smiling business woman offering post launch support

    Step 5: Manage

    We don’t stop once your environment is deployed. We offer post-launch support, ongoing care and lifecycle management based on your business requirements.

Business professionals thinking up ideas for long term success

A plan for long-term success

Maintaining peak performance requires a post-launch plan. The success of your collaboration solution depends on employee adoption — and quicker adoption leads to a faster return on investment. That’s why we implement a change management plan to maximize results.

Communication, training and support ensure your workforce learns about the robust features of their powerful new tool. We work with you to design a custom plan.

Start building your connected workforce.

We’ll help you construct a comprehensive workforce management strategy so you can remain competitive and attract and retain top talent. Connect with our specialists by completing the contact form or using one of the two options below.


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