Streamline data management

Insight and Veritas will help you easily manage your data across all environments, meet compliance requirements and reduce your costs.

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A holistic approach

When managing data across multicloud environments, you want to do it as simply as possible. Veritas data management solutions reduce complexity and optimize your storage resources, providing easy application and data migration between on-premise and cloud environments.

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360 Data Management

Now you can access and protect your data with a single, web-based tool that’s compatible with all hardware, cloud partners and virtualization platforms — so you can avoid vendor lock-in.

Improve data visibility, including seeing what data you have, where it resides and how it’s being used. Prevent data loss by ensuring data backup and recovery. And automatically meet data compliance requirements, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Maximize your data’s value.

Your data is your most critical business asset. See how Veritas 360 Data Management makes it easy to harness, leverage and protect your data.

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Backup you can trust

Regain confidence in your data strategy with Veritas Forward Thinking Backup. It allows you to recover more data across many platforms, storage environments and cloud architectures — in less time.

Veritas NetBackup Integrated Solutions offer affordability and convenience to help you deduplicate your data. Users can easily gain insights from unstructured data and metadata.

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Ensure reliable operations.

Automating your processes for business monitoring and resilience is possible with a unified approach to business continuity. Veritas delivers real-time data visibility, monitoring and recovery. And automation gives you peace of mind your operations will remain stable, even in the event of an outage.

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Software-defined storage

Ensure the performance of your mission-critical applications with Veritas Software-Defined Storage for High Performance Applications. It delivers significant application gains while cutting the cost of a typical storage area network.

You can also eliminate the complexities of unstructured data and access data wherever it lives. Veritas Access Scale Out Software-Defined Storage for Network Attached Storage (NAS) Architecture uses multiprotocol access, allowing both legacy and modern applications to access your data without delay.

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Data governance and compliance

Veritas data governance tools arm you with everything you need to organize your data: data insights, an information map, enterprise vault, enterprise vault cloud and eDiscovery.

Quickly deploy new data policies and determine who can access sensitive information. The tools also help you make better decisions about data organization by gaining fast insights into your data, including its location and age and who owns it.

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