Works with Chromebook certified

Meet Logitech’s series of tools certified to work with Chromebook. When you see the Works With Chromebook badge, it means that this Logitech device meets compatibility standards, working seamlessly with Chromebooks.


Certified Chromebook solutions

Logitech certified Works With Chromebook solutions ensures the tools you are using deliver a seamless experience for users.


Boost productivity

Get all the major ergonomic and productivity benefits of a complete setup, and stay comfortable for long stretches.


Better tools, more success.

Adding the right tools to your Chromebook setup helps you get more done in less time.

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Certified mice

Adding a mouse to your Chromebook setup helps you get more done in less time. Plus, a mouse adds ergonomic benefits, keeping users comfortable for long stretches.

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Certified headsets

Audio experiences should be as good as if everyone was sitting in a room together. Virtual participants need to be heard by other attendees and want to clearly hear what others are saying. Using a headset creates better call experiences and can block out noise distractions from others around you.

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Certified webcams

High-quality webcams make users feel more engaged during virtual meetings or lessons. Using a webcam that provides a high-quality image at an ergonomic angle provides a better, more comfortable virtual experience for participants.

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Certified keyboards

The K580 wireless keyboard features all the keys you need in a compact layout that elevates the overall look of your desktop and enhances comfort and productivity. Logitech Easy-Switch enables you to connect two devices, so you can use your Chromebook and mobile phone simultaneously.

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Certified Blue microphones

Blue mics provide freedom of movement, while maintaining clear, crisp audio quality that engages virtual meeting participants. Pair Blue Mic with Logitech capture to create and deliver engaging, professional digital content.

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Certified game controllers

Logitech Works With Chromebook certified gaming controllers help users seamlessly transition from work to play, providing a console-like gaming experience in a portable form.

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