Consolidate your data center

Insight and HPE help you take a hybrid IT approach through converged, hyperconverged and composable infrastructure solutions.

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Versatile infrastructure transformation

Cloud operations, big data initiatives and virtualization can create roadblocks for traditional data center users. Hewlett Packard Enterprise® hybrid IT solutions allow you to deploy and manage your compute, storage, networking and software as a single, scalable system.

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Accelerate everything but your spending.

Staying competitive in today’s digital economy requires efficiency. HPE® Synergy, a software-defined platform for composable systems, streamlines every workload. Its centralized interface powers everything from basic operation automation to fast application development.

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A cost-effective productivity boost

It’s easy to optimize your data center for virtualization with HPE ConvergedSystem. Its agile software gives you flexibility and a low cost of ownership. You’ll innovate swiftly with the ability to deploy prevalidated and pretested configurations in weeks instead of months.

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One solution. Multiple capabilities.

Simplify digital transformation by combining software with an all-in-one virtualization platform. HPE Hyper Converged solutions integrate compute, software-defined storage and software-defined intelligence into a single system.

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Enterprise-grade virtualization power

Now you can modernize your large data center without adding complexity or costs. HPE SimpliVity is an all-flash platform that simplifies hyperconverged infrastructure using policy-based management, built-in data protection and effortless scalability.

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Intelligent infrastructure management

Automate your data center operations with HPE OneView — IT software built to streamline processes and increase flexibility. You’ll gain a complete, centralized picture of your infrastructure, so you can quickly respond to business needs and provision resources.

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