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Strengthen your software licensing strategy.

License reporting and management can easily tie up your resources. Plus, data inaccuracies and uncertain visibility are costly — especially during vendor audits. Save time and money with Insight’s proactive licensing and compliance capabilities.

We provide support and smart tools to address your entire ecosystem — from your Software as a Service (SaaS) licenses to your cloud solutions.

  • Ensure your license deployments and cloud consumption match your needs.
  • Understand your entire ecosystem using detailed reports.
  • Support day-to-day license management.
  • Navigate contract and audit negotiations.

Advanced license management capabilities

Your Microsoft® investments often make up the largest part of your software ecosystem. License compliance and effective management is easy with our self-service Software Asset Management (SAM) tools.

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Enterprise License Dashboard

Get a comprehensive view of your software purchases, costs and consumption to help maintain license agreement compliance.

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Renewals & Warranty Manager

Accelerate the renewal process and improve control of your budget using detailed reports based on location, type, forecasted spend and more.

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Hands-on guidance

Many organizations don’t have the time or expertise to accurately gauge if they’re getting the most value from their software. And software agreements frequently change, making it hard to know if you’re in compliance.

Ensure your software resources are supporting your business goals — not hindering them. From optimizing your environment and adopting new capabilities to navigating vendor audits and negotiating contracts, we’ll be your partner at any stage of your software and cloud journey.

Our process to simplifying your license environment.

As your software needs grow and change, the complexity becomes burdensome. We leverage deep partner relationships and expansive contract knowledge to help you take back control and free your IT teams for more important priorities.


Understanding the license types and quantity your organization is entitled to is critical before making any decisions. We use inventory management and network discovery tools to automate this step.


Many organizations often rely heavily on a handful of publishers, such as Adobe and Microsoft. Our team focuses on these licenses first to help find immediate cost and efficiency gains.


We then start reviewing usage and comparing that to your organization’s inventory and purchasing records. This helps your team make informed decisions and understand potential alternatives.


Your organization may realize it’s at risk of non-compliance or is wasting money on unnecessary licenses during this process. We’ll then work to simplify and streamline your environment by negotiating new deals, updating processes and more.

Experience with leading publishers

Every software and cloud agreement is different. We have experience helping thousands of clients around the globe understand and optimize their license agreements.

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Optimizing your supply chain takes Insight.

We’ll help you maximize your technology resources, so you can better manage today’s operations and transform the future. Connect with our specialists by completing the contact form or using one of the two options below.


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