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Extend your reach with reliable edge networking.

The goal of edge technology solutions is the real-time use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for actionable outcomes. This immediate input requires reliable connectivity — a strong and secure network edge. Whatever your edge use case, Insight can help you extend your reach into the right places with the right network technology for lasting success.

Lean on us to meet the needs of your specific edge applications, from powerful distributed networks to short-range, low-bandwidth projects.

  • Identify network requirements based on compute, availability, security needs and number of devices.
  • Architect your network solution, including switching, wireless infrastructure and gateways/firewalls.
  • Build and operationalize core-to-edge network solutions in partnership with leading network technology providers.
  • Maintain and optimize your edge network technologies with strategic support for streamlined management, cost savings, security and optimal performance.
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Taking the Intelligent Edge From Idea to Deployment

In this on-demand session, Insight experts discuss ways to craft your strategy based on predictable intelligent edge project development patterns — while avoiding common challenges along the way.

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Getting strategic about solutions

IoT devices and communication requirements are diverse. What’s best for monitoring solutions in medical centers (5G and private LTE) might differ from home-use smart tech (lower power and bandwidth needs). Get expert guidance pinpointing the best networking technologies based on the following key considerations:

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Standard edge networking options

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Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Like Bluetooth, BLE works with a variety of mobile operating systems for consumer electronics because it is low cost and reduces power consumption, extending the life of the connected device's battery.

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Long-Term Evolution (LTE)

A wireless broadband communication standard for mobile devices and data terminals, LTE increases the capacity and speed of wireless networks and supports multicast and broadcast streams.

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Near Field Communication (NFC)

NFC enables two devices to communicate within four centimeters of each another, making it ideal for contactless mobile payments, ticketing and smart cards.

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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Available as passive (powered by a nearby reader) or active (powered by a battery), these tags transmit digital data such as an identifying inventory number.

Partnering with the best

Deep domain knowledge and certified skill sets across all major vendors set us apart from the rest.

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Forge your modern edge solutions

The modern edge plays an important role in effectively managing network architecture. Modern edge solutions can help you solve today’s network challenges, support business operations and drive digital innovation.

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Let’s do big things together.

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