Coordinated security management

See how Sophos® Advanced Security Heartbeat delivers a fully synchronized approach to endpoint protection:

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Centralized network security solutions

Your networks drive collaboration and productivity across your organization. Sophos XG next-generation firewalls make safeguarding them easier than ever. You’ll gain complete visibility into risks and threats, plus automatic incident response.

With customizable security levels, easy deployment and centralized reporting, Sophos XG protects networks of all sizes.

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Advanced end-user and server protection

Sophos® Endpoint Protection goes beyond prevention of known malware and correlates suspicious behaviors by using real-time intelligence to stay a step ahead of threats. The result: better protection against targeted attacks and data breaches, before they ever reach your endpoints.

Through Sophos Central, your management console protects your server environment while keeping it running at peak performance. With one-click lockdowns, advanced anti-malware, behavioral analysis and impeccable detection, Sophos Server Protection keeps your business up to speed.

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Streamlined protection, across the board

Now you can secure your endpoints, mobile devices and servers — all through a single, intuitive interface. Sophos Central is a fully integrated threat defense and response console that safeguards your users without putting their productivity in jeopardy.

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