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Equip your organization with high-performing, secure and scalable storage solutions from a leader in data storage, available from Insight.

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Seagate network server

Exos Corvault multi-petabyte storage

Storing data efficiently is an imperative for modern businesses that create, store and consume mass amounts of information. With Exos® Corvault maximum data density, you’ll reduce your storage footprint and gain the highest capacity, most efficient and latest technology.

Self-healing properties and Seagate Secure self-healing technology decreases your IT team’s management burden. Plus, Exos Corvault boasts 99.999% availability.

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Expansion Shelves & JBODs – Exos E

Deliver industry-leading density without sacrificing performance. Versatile architecture lets you easily scale your storage, simplify operations and optimize costs.

Product Max capacity per enclosure TB/PB per chassis Form factor
Exos E 2U12Exos E 2U12 12 drives 216 TB * using 18TB 3.5” SAS Drives 2U rack → Read the datasheet→ Shop now
Exos E 2U24Exos E 2U24 24 drives 57.6 TB * using 2.4TB 2.5” SAS Drives 2U rack → Read the datasheet→ Shop now
Exos E 5U84Exos E 5U84 84 drives 1.5 PB * using 18 TB 3.5" SAS Drives 5U rack → Read the datasheet→ Shop now
Exos E 4U106Exos E 4U106 106 drives 1.9 PB * using 18 TB 3.5" SAS Drive 4U rack → Read the datasheet→ Shop now

Flash, hybrid and disk arrays

Seagate Exos X series offers a petabyte-scale, rack-mounted storage system that can be scaled according to your organization’s size and needs — from small businesses to large enterprises. Ideal for conventional data centers or cloud infrastructure, Exos X provides massive capacity, performance and low latency.

Product Max capacity per enclosure Expansion Form factor
Exos X 2U12Exos X 2U12 12 drives 10 enclosures max (includes master) 120 drives max 2U rack → Read the datasheet→ Shop now
Exos X 2U24Exos X 2U24 24 drives 10 enclosures max (includes master) 240 drives max 2U rack → Read the datasheet→ Shop now
Exos X 5U84Exos X 5U84 84 drives 4 enclosures max (includes master) 336 drives max 5U rack → Read the datasheet → Shop now

Compute and storage convergence platforms

Seagate Exos AP series gives you to the ability to expand as your organization grows. These scalable data systems combine compute and storage in one chassis to improve efficiency and reduce your data center footprint.

Seagate Exos AP 2U12

Exos AP 2U12

Smaller deployments

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Seagate Exos AP 2U24

Exos AP 2U24


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Seagate Exos AP 5U84

Exos AP 5U84

Dense compute and storage

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Flexible storage as a service with Lyve Cloud

Scale without burdens with Seagate Lyve Cloud storage as a service solutions. You’ll gain world-class availability, security and cost predictability from a widely trusted storage provider.

Object storage

Store, move, and access data without any egress or API fees.

Data analytics

Accelerate your path to insights with scalable open data lake architecture.

Tape migration and storage

Breathe new life into your legacy data without lifting a finger.

Enterprise hard drives and SSDs

Ensure business continuity with rigorous uptime, reliability and security standards. Seagate enterprise hard drives and SSDs are designed to handle resource intensive application and storage requirements.

Exos hard drives

Exos X hard drives

Exos X series hard drives

High-capacity storage and reliability for serious workloads.

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Exos E hard drives

Exos E series hard drives

Purpose-built hard drives that are for enterprise applications and workloads.

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Nytro SSD Series


Nytro SATA SSD series

Designed for data center and cloud server applications

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Nytro SAS SSD series

Up to 15TB capacity, built for fast data center applications.

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Nytro NVMe SSD

Nytro NVMe series SSDs

Up to 15.36TB High performance engineered with Phison technology for the modern data center

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Specialized drives

Purpose-build drives are designed to meet the specifications of demanding tasks and are tightly integrated for maximum capacity and high performance.

Seagate IronWolf NAS drives

IronWolf NAS drives

Shared storage for small and mid-size businesses

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Seagate IronWolf NAS SSD

IronWolf NAS SSD

Tough and scalable NAS-specialized storage

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Seagate SkyHawk hard drive

SkyHawk video hard drives

Optimized for video analytics and imaging applications

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Seagate hard drives

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When you update your storage ecosystem with the newest Seagate systems, you'll get modern protection, updated software features and maximum storage density. With this upgrade promotion, Seagate offers special discounts on products, service and support subscriptions.

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