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Captivate the senses with NEC projectors, monitors and large-format displays, available from Insight.

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NEC InfinityBoard lifestyle

Enhanced brand presence

NEC commercial displays are your organization’s solution to elevating the user experience, from marketing to desktop purposes. You’ll find the latest eco-friendly and 4K resolution options backed by reliability.

And, your investment in high-definition imagery will result in increased outreach and efficiency.

NEC projector

State-of-the-art projectors

You’re sure to pinpoint a crystal-clear multimedia or digital cinema NEC projector to suit your price range and room size. With innovative options such as solid-state light sources and 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) resolution, you’ll get the precision and quality you need.

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NEC large-format displays

Immersive signage and displays

NEC large-format displays promise the stunning imagery you’re looking for. Outdoor and indoor options are available to engage your audience with sleek designs. Plus, power-saving features can help reduce your carbon footprint.

NEC offers a comprehensive catalogue of display options, including HD, FHD and UHD 4k resolutions and sizes ranging from 32 to 98 inches. And, with anti-glare panels and innovative internal temperature sensors, your content will captivate customers any time, anywhere.

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NEC desktop displays

Captivating desktop monitors

Boost your employee experience with ergonomic and detailed NEC desktop displays. You’ll get color accuracy and the latest in thin designs, connectivity and backlit display features. Sizes range from 19 to 30 inches to suit your environment.

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NEC InfinityBoard

Collaborative meeting displays

The NEC InfinityBoard® enhances conference room productivity, sharing and teamwork. The ultra-responsive touch-screen display provides seamless writing/drawing capabilities, real-time editing, tab toggling, videoconferencing and more. The all-in-one solution is available in 55, 75 and 86 inches.

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