Your data holds the secrets to success.

Insight and erwin get data management right, from enterprise data standards to data governance and security — not to mention flexibility, customization and efficiency. See how you can deliver results at every point of the data lifecycle.

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Unlock the value of your data.

The erwin EDGE Platform simplifies each step of the data management lifecycle and empowers your organization to turn big data into effective strategies. With actionable data, you’ll be equipped to streamline efficiency and growth.

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    Data preparation

    erwin data mapping solutions help you create centralized data frameworks for easy management. Automation options and unified integration increase effectiveness and minimize error risk.

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    Enterprise modeling

    erwin’s industry-leading data solutions optimize current processes and help you strategize future growth. Empower your organization to model business processes, enterprise architecture and data.

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    Data governance

    Comprehensive data governance from erwin keeps your data safe, private and actionable. Intuitive cataloging and well-organized analysis make every member of your organization a data expert.

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Solving the Enterprise Data Dilemma

Data is only valuable if it can be managed and mined. Learn how the erwin EDGE Platform can help your organization get the most out of your data.

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