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Built for cloud applications

Take the hassle out of operational data management. You can effortlessly develop and scale your cloud apps with DataStax, built on the industry’s best distribution of Apache Cassandra. Integrate graphs, searches, analytics, administration, developer tools and more into a single unified platform.

Now, it’s easy to distribute data across your data centers or cloud regions. Applications are always on, ready to scale and prepared to deliver instant insights and experiences. DataStax is recognized by Gartner across multiple categories as a best-in-class operational database.

Focus on innovation.

DataStax solutions provide an easy way to successful operational data management deployment. Quickly respond to the needs of your business, with fast performance and always-on availability.

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Grow market share.

Leverage a holistic view of interactions, trends and relationships to deliver real-time personalization and recommendations.

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Drive efficiency.

Benefit from interconnected devices, data and people, and access dynamic information whenever you need it.

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Accelerate time to market.

Discover a vast set of products, services and training and a robust partner ecosystem to build and manage cloud applications.

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Transform your enterprise cloud app management.

DataStax Enterprise is the always-on data platform for cloud applications, built for companies that need to develop and support mission-critical apps. It ensures application uptime, even amid rigorous growth requirements or catastrophic failures, so you can focus on what you need most.

DataStax Enterprise is a comprehensive data platform trusted to effortlessly scale the world’s most disruptive cloud applications. Unlike other relational and NoSQL databases, DataStax Enterprise provides a platform that can support real-time, engaging experiences for your customers at scale.

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Tackle any obstacle your way.

Ensure your cloud applications are prepared for anything in today’s fast-moving environment. DataStax gives you continuous availability, enabling you to easily control data distribution and replication across nodes, multiple data centers, cloud regions or hybrid cloud environments.

Gain a scalable platform with DataStax. Enjoy linear scalability to increase your throughput in a predictable manner. Built-in search, graphs and analytics capabilities empower you to access insights any time you need to.

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