Work and study anywhere with Acer devices

In the office, classroom, home and everywhere in between — Insight and Acer offer personal computing solutions that meet your every need.

Innovative Acer devices 

Built with your needs in mind, commercial-grade Acer® solutions from Insight adapt to diverse working and learning environments and support anywhere, anytime productivity. 

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You can work and study wherever and
however you prefer with flexible, versatile devices that are built to last.

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Leading-edge Acer solutions easily run professional and classroom applications, boosting your productivity.

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Enhanced, built-in privacy and security
features keep threats to your devices, users
and data at bay.

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Made for the cloud, Acer ChromeOS devices enable secure, reliable computing experiences in business and education with quick deployment and simple management.

These solutions equip workforces with enterprise-grade features for increased productivity, portability and power and help schools close the digital divide.

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Acer laptops

Acer Windows notebooks and PCs

Windows® notebooks and PCs from Insight and Acer deliver the latest in processing, graphics, connectivity and security. Take the end-user experience to new heights with devices such as:

  • TravelMate® P-series: professional notebooks for superior performance, manageability and security
  • TravelMate B-series: designed for K-12 learning to keep students and teachers connected and engaged
  • Acer and Predator® gaming devices: built to support immersive gaming and esports experiences

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Accessories that make an impact

Whether you want to increase productivity or provide entertainment, Insight offers an Acer monitor for every need. And, we can complete your setup with Acer keyboards, mice, docking stations and headsets.

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Optimize your performance.

With complete Acer solutions for business, education, healthcare and esports, you’ll boost productivity and performance — no matter what industry demands you’re tackling.

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Create a sustainable world

As part of their commitment to sustainability and responsibility, Acer has reduced their environmental impact by developing eco-friendly products — including the Acer Vero series, produced with earth-friendly, post-consumer recyclable materials. 

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Acer Premier Service

Acer’s U.S.-based Premier Service and support program provides enterprises and educational institutions with dedicated Level 2 technical support that extends the device lifecycle.