Insight Cisco software & CX adoption team 

The Insight Cisco software team provides training on the tools and processes to manage your software purchases. We’re here to offer assistance with licensing, product usage and adoption, reconciliation, true forwards, software renewals and more.

For Cisco Adoption service requests:

For Cisco Software assistance:

For Cisco Smart Account questions:

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EA Workspace access

Log in with your user ID and password to access EA, devices, transactions, provisioning requests, reports, preferences and support.

Our team

Amanda Dalzell

Amanda Dalzell

Cisco Software and Customer Success Leader

Jennifer Tilton

Jennifer Tilton

Cisco Software Sales and Marketing Manager

Veronica Scully

Veronica Scully

Cisco Software Operations Manager

Andy Mitchell

Andy Mitchell

Customer Success Manager

Chris Hooten

Chris Hooten

Collab Specialist / Customer Success Manager

Rob Inman

Rob Inman

Customer Success Manager

Tony Mai

Anthony Mai

Business Development Manager - Success Tracks

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Add users to the Smart Account.

To grant access to additional users, you must add their user IDs or associated email addresses to the appropriate Virtual Account within your Smart Account. For more information on how to add users to a Smart Account, please refer to the Manage Smart Accounts for EA Customers quick reference guide. For assistance and/or issues with adding users to your Smart Account, contact

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Downloading the EA software

Your EA software, when available, can be directly downloaded from the EA Workspace. If this option is available for a particular suite, you can select “Download Software Images” from the Actions submenu.

Please note that at this time, only a limited number of software images are available for direct download from the EA Workspace. Please refer to the EA release notes for a list of suites with software images. For training on how to download software images, please refer to the User Guides/FAQs – EA Workspace Admin Guide in the training resources below.

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Welcome to CX Cloud 

Cisco CX Cloud is a single digital platform enabling you to consume your service offers and manage your Cisco investments. You can track your asset coverage, advisories, and support cases, and take advantage of learning resources to predict better outcomes for your business faster.

Read the ebook

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Training resources

Learn more about the EA enrollments and watch self-paced EA training videos on how to generate licenses from the Advanced Training panel in each EA suite section below:

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Cisco DNA

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Cisco Data Center

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Cisco Collaboration

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Cisco Security

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Self help

The following resources are available within the EA Workspace:

  • Release notes
  • User guides/FAQs – EA Workspace Admin Guide
  • Video tutorials
  • Cisco One – License Levels and Supported Models
  • Collaboration – Licensing Activation Guide

Getting started with Webex

The following resources are available for Cisco Webex Calling, Meetings, Messaging and Essential first steps.

  1. Accessing your Webex admin portal

    You can access the Webex Control Hub, here. Log in with your User ID and password to access your company’s Webex domain.
  2. Adding additional users in the Webex admin portal

    To grant access to additional users, you must add their associated email address(es) through the Users option on the Webex Control Hub. For more information, please refer to the Ways to Add and Manage Users in Cisco Webex Control Hub quick reference at
  3. Downloading Webex client software

    Your Webex client software can now be directly downloaded from the Downloads section of
  4. Access training, self help and support for Webex

    Training - For live and recorded training, please refer to the Cisco training schedule.
    Access Training - Self-Service Guide for Setting up Cisco Webex
  5. Additional Self-Help - Webex Getting Started, Ask the Community

When you complete the checklist,

you can earn up to $75 in gift cards by completing your Cisco Webex software setup.
For completing the first three tasks, users will be awarded a $25 gift card. When the final three tasks are completed, users will be awarded a $50 gift card.

Get started

EA Workspace & Cisco technical support:

License Generation Escalation:

Contact the EA desk for any escalations related to license generation.

Available 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. ET

If you have questions related to the Cisco EA after you have reviewed the documentation and recordings, please send an email to:

  1. for Security, Cisco DNA, Cisco One and Cisco Data Center or reach out directly to the Insight Cisco support team
  2. for any Flex EA agreement licensing or reach out directly to the Insight Cisco support team
  3. for perpetual collaboration ELA licensing

Support Case Manager (SCM):

Support questions regarding Software Licensing can now be resolved via Support Case Manager. This will allow faster routing of the issues and resolution. Click here to learn how to open a case in SCM.

EA Licensing Support:

Any issues related to the EA Workspace

Available 24/

Technical Support (TAC):

For hardware and software technical product support, such as SMARTnet

Available 24/7 — 1.800.553.2447

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