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A unique position to drive sustainability

At Insight, we believe in the power of technology for good. As the leading Solutions Integrator, we have the capabilities and partnerships to help organizations reduce negative environmental impacts and sustain more responsible practices.

We see technology as a source for good.

Our commitment to the environment extends to our clients, partners, teammates and communities.

3.7M pounds of electronic
waste saved

In 2023

388k+ hardware assets remarketed, redeployed, recycled or responsibly disposed for clients

In 2023

$30M worth of devices
refurbished for clients

In 2022


I strongly believe that technology is our greatest resource for doing good. It can magnify noble causes with an incomparable ability to scale, automate, innovate and communicate.

Joyce Mullen headshot

Joyce Mullen
Insight president and CEO

Responsible choices. Powerful outcomes.

Any progress toward more responsible, sustainable operations is a step in the right direction. Whether you’re seeking to reduce your IT carbon footprint, meet regulatory compliance or use responsible asset disposition, we have the capabilities and relationships with environmental-forward partners to help you achieve your ESG goals.

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Reduce infrastructure and carbon footprints through the use of cloud services.

Data center icon

Improve energy efficiency and resource stewardship through modern data center platforms.

Smart city icon

Optimize water, fuel and power consumption through support for smart city infrastructure.

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Create carbon savings by empowering remote workplaces and virtual professional events.

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Protect the environment with leading-class asset disposition for device reuse and recycling.

See and surpass what's possible today.

We’re proud to work alongside our clients to achieve better business outcomes with the planet in mind.

Insight Way: A more sustainable corporate headquarters

When we decided to plant our roots in Chandler, Arizona, with a new corporate headquarters, sustainability was top of mind. Called Insight Way to reflect our values of hunger, heart and harmony, it showcases our vision for the modern workplace and underscores our commitment to environmental responsibility.

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LEED Gold accreditation for excellence in sustainability

Solar panels icon

Solar panel installations on covered parking lot generate energy

LED lightbulb icon

100% LED lighting with occupancy sensors to reduce waste

Energy efficient icon

Building automation system manages lighting, HVAC and window shades

Electric-vehicle charging icon

On-site electric-vehicle charging stations

irrigation water icon

Reclaimed water for irrigation, reducing the use of potable drinking water to conserve fresh water resources

Digital work. Human touch.

We’re lightening our physical footprint globally and investing in technology-first centers.

Hybrid work and work from home icon

Embraced remote and hybrid work, which reduces vehicle emissions and shrunk our global footprint by 500,000 square feet since 2020.

Energy efficent icon

Optimized operations to decrease energy consumption, reduced packaging and switched to more sustainable materials.

Device lifecycle services icon

Modernized client fulfillment centers to support device lifecycle services and help clients prolong the life of their hardware.

Recycled tablet in hand of worker

Secure, responsible IT disposal

Electronic waste, or e-waste, is a critical concern. As a zero-landfill recycler, Insight partners with leading asset disposition professionals to reduce electronic waste. Our asset disposition services include remarketing, recycling and redeployment.

Joining forces with the top tech brands

Insight partners with some of the world’s most sustainable and responsible companies — industry leaders recognized by third parties for their commitment to ecological, social and ethical responsibility, including: Apple, Cisco, Dell Technologies, HP, IBM, Intel, Lenovo, Microsoft, NVIDIA and VMware.

These joint efforts include:

  • Being among the first global partners to participate in the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability program
  • Achieving Cisco’s Environmental Sustainability Specialization in July 2022
  • Joining the ESG-focused Lenovo 360 Circle for 2023, a collaborative way to share best practices, commitments and a value-chain approach to the circular economy for smarter design, use and return

Together, let’s do good.

Whether you’re a business leader pursuing ambitious technology goals or a partner seeking to forge a new relationship, let’s connect.

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