Your software lifecycle, simplified

Effective software procurement improves productivity and optimises your budget. But it can be challenging to strike a balance between robust governance and easy buying. Plus, working with multiple vendors makes it harder to capture a holistic picture of your assets.

An account enables purchasing and reporting on hardware, software and services. It helps you obtain greater visibility around your technology supply chain, simplifies reporting and orchestrates workflow and analysis capabilities across IT asset lifecycles.

Your assigned account specialist will help you set up:

  • Roles-based user permissions for every feature
  • Order templates, company standards and approval workflows
  • Requisition punchout or roundtrip catalogs
  • Enterprise resource and marketplace platform integration

Our e-procurement platform

You can access a global procurement platform to discover, request, approve and purchase software. With customisable product catalogs, multiple languages, currencies and more, your account enables innovation while improving visibility and governance.

One centralised portal

A single, customisable landing page for your entire organisation can integrate with 500+ e-procurement partner platforms to deliver a streamlined procurement experience.

Simple, secure access

Multiple easy-to-manage user roles allow you to maintain flexible permissions for every account feature.

Personalised experience

You can create custom product catalogs, order templates and guided purchasing experiences that adhere to your company standards.

Easily defined requirements

Fully customisable shipping, billing, payment and cost center options are available. And, you can add unique checkout fields to support internal requirements.

Comprehensive visibility

Our reporting and analytics deliver a full picture of your software purchases — consolidated across vendors and bolstered by historical data. Leveraging our tools helps drive procurement, renewal and budget forecasting efficiencies.

Visibility to control costs

A global, up-to-date view of purchasing across your organisation helps identify opportunities to boost value and eliminate pain points.

Custom data capture

Your personalised dashboard delivers access to the information you need to improve order tracking and streamline reconciliation.

In-depth report library

You can generate reports using up to three years of stored data, such as order history, billing, invoice and more — then email, download and view online.

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Licensing, entitlement and subscription

Get a clear picture of your license entitlements and use rights for key vendors and online services. Our tool collects, normalises and analyses purchase history data to provide an overview of your agreements — showing products, license installation location and contracts.

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Renewal management

Review your entire application ecosystem, licenses and renewals in a single panel for enhanced visibility. Our renewals dashboard can highlight upcoming renewals, accelerating your process and reducing costs.

The platform allows you to take control of your spending through automated renewal notifications and avoid licensing pitfalls, such as unauthorised purchasing and lapsed maintenance penalties.

Account support

Our specialists are available to help at every step of your journey. From quote to renewal, your support team serves as a resource for all your purchasing needs. And we'll regularly check in to determine how we can better meet your business needs.

You’ll get:

  • Analysis and guidance on the effectiveness of your IT spending
  • Handling of commercial and relationship issues
  • Help in identifying and qualifying solutions aligned to your needs
  • Product demos and roadmap documentation

A better way to procure software

Connect with a specialist to learn more about how our self-service platform can simplify your software ecosystem.