Let Insight's Software Baseline analysis audit your software assets

Eliminate wastage and ensure compliance of your software estate.

Our Baseline services will audit your software estate, identify what software is installed, or crucially using out advanced service, software that is not used so you can recycle it.

Insight will analyse your license and contract entitlement to ensure that you are optimally deployed against the software you actually own.

Baseline services at a glance

Gain an understanding of your current position, and plan for the future.

  • Gain an understanding of your current licensing position with Insight's LCS Baseline services.

    Understanding your software compliance can be challenging. You have to manage two constantly shifting planes of data. The first is your software inventory, to which software vendors are adding new technologies and inventory files on a near daily basis. The second is your software entitlement, which is dependent on constantly changing licensing rules and contractual agreements.

  • Insight's baseline services provide a forensic understanding of your current software deployment and usage, saving you money.

    Our Baseline services provide a forensic understanding of your current software deployment and usage. We then compare that your contract entitlement and licensing use rights. We help you to identify un-used software you can recycle, eliminating unnecessary wastage. We also help you to identify deployment with entitlement, allowing you to remove the risk of non-compliance and the associated unbudgeted costs from your near horizon.

By having this level of insight, CIO's can begin to identify shelfware, eliminate waste and reallocate their budgets more effectively. Source: IDC

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